Chinese employees forced to drink toilet water as punishment for not hitting target

How far are you willing to go just to keep your job?

For some employees in China, drinking water from the toilet is apparently something they are willing to do just to stay employed in their company. In a disgusting video that went viral online, several workers were seen being forced to drink water from the throne.

Chinese employees forced to drink toilet water
PHOTO CREDIT: Shanghaiist
In the video, an unidentified male worker can be seen scooping water from a squat toilet. He inspects it for several seconds before taking a gulp. A female worker was also seen gulping the water down with extreme hesitation.

Based on a report by Beijing News, the employees caught on camera reportedly worked for a photography studio in Guang’an city in Sichuan. The workers were allegedly being punished for their spiritless performance causing them not to reach their training targets.

The report also claimed that the female worker in the video suffered diarrhea from doing the punishment. She reportedly couldn’t consume anything without having the urge to throw up.

Authorities have also arrested and placed in detention for four days the man who filmed the disgusting clip, which was uploaded to the employees’ WeChat group. The stomach-churning clip was leaked and immediately spread like wildfire causing online uproar.

The manager of the photography studio insists that the video was not recorded at their office and it was only shared on social media to motivate employees to work harder. The incident is currently being investigated by the police.

In the past, several Chinese companies have been lambasted for their alleged harsh and humiliating punishments to employees who fail to hit targets.

In 2015, employees from a Chinese company were photographed crawling in public next to a lake in Zhengzhou, China as punishment for not hitting their sales target. They were forced to finish a lap around Ruyi Lake, which is a 23-acre lagoon, just by crawling.

On that same year, several men and women in business suits were forced to kneel on a bridge in Fujian, China as a way of apologizing for missing their sales target. Their personal details and the reason why they were punished were written in papers placed in front of them.

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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