LOOK: Akyat-bahay’s head gets stuck in the metal grills while trying to escape

MANILA, Philippines - A minor’s attempt to steal from a home ended up getting jeopardized after his escape plan failed big time.

According to media reports, the robber is a 16-year-old boy who entered a house located in Barangay Tugos, Sorsogon in the early morning of Monday, August 21.

Akyat-bahay’s head gets stuck in the metal grills while trying to escape
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Filipino Vines
At around 2 a.m., one of the kids of the owner of the house caught him inside the house and yelled at him. This prompted the robber to hurriedly escape but he unfortunately ended up getting his head caught in between the metal grills of a window.

Although it took hours before the teen was rescued, he didn’t sustain any serious injuries. In addition, no property was stolen from the house.

Several photos showing the akyat-bahay’s head stuck in the metal railings of a window while he stands on the rails of a ladder while he was trying to escape have gone viral on social media.

While many think that the robber, who is now under the custody of the barangay police, deserved what he got, others felt pity for him because he was somehow violated. Some photos show him wearing only a shirt and an underwear, suggesting that people in the scene may have taken off his clothes to take revenge and shame him.

Check out some of the netizens’ comments.

“Posting this just to earn likes and entertain others is one of the stupidest things to do. There’s nothing funny about it unless if you people are stupid enough to laugh at this situation. This is inhumane. Sadly, we’re already living in a world wherein people treat others as if they were animals. They aren’t using their brains,” a certain Jose Lagata wrote.

“Nakakatawang tingan pero ang totoo kaawa-awa si kuya sa kalagayan niya. Siguro hindi naman niya gusto gAwin yan. Ganyan talaga ang kapIt sa patalim para lang mabuhay,” Jay-Anne Dinagat commented.

Mark Picao said: “Mga tao ngayon, sumikat lang kahit pag papahiya sa iba pinatpatos na, kahit Masaya dahilan niyan may karapatan pa din siyang irespeto.”

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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