WATCH: How a struggling single mom gave her daughter a 'brighter life'

    “Gusto kong sumigaw ng TIME OUT, pero takot akong mawalan ng time sa’yo.” For us, it’s just a one-liner sentence coming from someone tired, who’s clamoring even for just a short breather. But this simple statement has a deeper meaning for a single mother who wants nothing but to be with her princess all the time and give her all the best that life could offer.

    single mom gave her daughter a 'brighter life'

    Being a single parent is no joke. For some, it’s derogatory, but for many, it’s a symbol of strength and hope. National Statistics Office (NSO) states that there are about 14 million single Filipino parents nationwide. That’s the exact number of Filipinos who are striving hard to raise up their children all by themselves. Fourteen million brave single parents.

    Calista’s mother is a small-time couturier who dearly endured all the hardships in life to take care of her daughter’s needs. The mother, whom Calista addressed as her queen, had a hard time juggling her career, household chores, finances, and bringing-up her unica hija.

    single mom gave her daughter a 'brighter life'

    At first, Calista’s mother questioned herself if she’s doing the right thing for her daughter. She really felt that she fell short on plenty of things, especially time for her only child. She spent almost all of her time in the business just to earn more money for the two of them to survive.

    If you’ll ask wealthy people on what’s the ultimate secret to success, they would probably say: Save and Invest. This is what Calista’s mother did. She worked very hard not to build a clothing empire but to save and invest for her daughter’s future. She might not be as rich as the mall and telco tycoons in the country but Calista herself is her true wealth.

    Material things make many people happy. The mansions, the luxury cars, the diamonds, millions of pesos in banks are just some of the stuff that most people try to achieve in their youth until they all retire. But for Calista’s mother, to see her daughter wearing a toga culminates the story of her life and will forever give her the sense of accomplishment.

    Calista’s mother relied heavily on her dependable financial partner, Sun Life Financial, the first, longest-standing, and top life insurance company in the country. Aside from placing her hard-earned money in banks, she invested it with Sun Life in preparation for Calista’s college journey, where she’s sure that her fruit of hard labor will not go to waste.

    After years of sleepless nights, Calista’s mother finally realized that she really did well in bringing-up her princess and she made the right decision in partnering with Sun Life that helped her fulfill her ultimate dream and goal in life: to let her child finish college in preparation for building her own future.

    single mom gave her daughter a 'brighter life'

    Calista is just one of the many children who are now enjoying life because of the bright decisions that their parents made. We say that “let’s strike while the iron is hot.” Like Calista’s mother, we work really hard so we can give ourselves and our families a better life. But let’s remember, working hard and earning money is nothing if we’ll not be financially wise.

    Many people have already fallen into the trap of a “one day millionaire” mentality, where they spend every peso that they have without anticipating the uncertainties of tomorrow. That thinking must be totally challenged and changed in every Filipino’s mind. Sun Life Financial is here to assist us in managing our finances properly, and they’re very much willing to help us fulfill our dreams in life.

    Watch how Calista’s mother made her child’s dream come true:

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