Quitting Facebook for a week improves your mental health

Can you imagine yourself surviving a week without Facebook?

Apparently, taking a break from Facebook for a week can do wonders to your well-being. A new study published in Cyberphysiology, Behaviour and Social Networking revealed that doing away with most popular social media network for 7 days can boost your mental health.

Quitting Facebook for a week improves your mental health

In the study, 2,000 participants, aged 34 on the average, were split into two groups. The first group was asked to use Facebook as usual. The second group was assigned to quit using Facebook for a week.

Prior and after the study period, participants were asked to answer questions that aimed to capture their attitudes about Facebook as well as their styles of use. The study found that some were active users who posted pictures and updates, while others were passive users who usually just scrolled through the newsfeed or look on profiles.

The participants were also asked question about their life satisfaction and mental health including anger, decisiveness, happiness, loneliness, depression and enthusiasm.

Results showed that participants who quit Facebook for a week were better in several aspects.

"The participants who took a one-week break from Facebook reported significantly higher levels of life satisfaction and a significantly improved emotional life,” Study author Tromholt Morten wrote.

Moreover, participants who experienced envy on Facebook saw significant reductions in those feelings after a week of quitting Facebook.

Still Morten says you should adjust your behavior depending on the kind of user you are and the kind of misery you experience from using it.

He explained: “If one is a heavy Facebook user, one should use Facebook less to increase one's well-being. And if one tends to feel envy when on Facebook, one should avoid browsing the sections (or specific friends) on Facebook causing this envy. And if one uses Facebook passively, one should reduce this kind of behavior.”

-- Mini, The Summit Express

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