Here’s how a young dad who initially refused responsibility of raising a child turned his life around

MANILA, Philippines  - A heartwarming story of a young father who manned up in order to raise his daughter and take care of his family has gone viral on Facebook after blogger Treszka Tio Oliveria shared it on Facebook.

Treszka, a young wife and mother, has revealed how her husband Mark overcame obstacles to become a responsible family man. Apparently, the two were still studying when Treszka became pregnant with Taziana.

Mark Oliveria young father story
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Treszka Tio Oliveria (via viral post)
Both unprepared for such unexpected circumstance, Mark initially hesitated taking responsibility for raising Taziana. According to him, he didn’t want to disappoint their parents.

“After what happened, hindi nya kayang panindigan? I could not believe that my best friend, my friend of 11 years can do this to me,” Treszka wrote in her post.

But it only took Mark an hour before he had a change of heart and made a life-changing decision. Even at a young age, he knew he was ready to become a father.

Treszka believes that Mark’s transformation into a responsible father is the Lord’s work. By surrendering his situation to God, Mark was able to give up his vices and all his cravings as a young man and take on his new role as a father.

“Whenever I look at Mark change a diaper, or give me a massage because I have been exhausted taking care of our daughter the entire day, or when he gives Taziana a bath, picks her clothes, feeds her, teaches her songs, any duty he does... I always see him smiling. He can spend hours in school but when he comes home to us, his energy feels very fresh. He can travel from North to South for 6 hours and still delightfully serve us the moment he comes home,” Treszka wrote.

Towards the end of her post, Treszka encouraged young fathers to take of their families.

“We cannot undo what has happened, but we can always decide how we set our future to be: do you straighten your path or will you let yourself go astray? Your treasure is not the amount of girls you have dated, your standing in online games or the number of "friends" you have (you only have a few REAL friends), these things do not matter. At the end of the day, it will boil down to how you have served your family, how you have strived for their happiness and how you lead them closer to The Lord. This is a treasure that will last you a lifetime.”

Check out her full post below.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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