“Bobo” and “ambisyosa” student earns 3 college degrees in 5 years

    MANILA, Philippines - The inspiring story of a college student who was once labeled as “bobo” (stupid) and “ambisyosa” (ambitious) but was able to graduate with three college degrees proved that nothing is impossible.

    Wynona Pauline Catapang, who earned the degrees Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication minor in Development Communication, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Counseling at St. Scholastica’s College, has shared her hardships and struggles in finishing a 5-year LIA program through a lengthy post on Facebook.

    Wynona Pauline Catapang graduate 3 degrees
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Wynona Pauline Catapang
    According to Catapang, accomplishing such feat wasn’t easy as she had to endure years of stress and hardships just to make things work in her jampacked schedule. She recounted the times when she had to attend classes in the morning, do production from afternoon till evening and make her thesis when she comes home.

    Indeed, Catapang’s busy and tiring schedule made her question if everything was worth it. Aside from her tight schedule, Catapang had to maintain a certain grade for her courses making things more difficult for her. This February, which was the deadline of her theses, things became even more stressful for Catapang as her grandmother passed away.

    Wynona Pauline Catapang
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Wynona Pauline Catapang
    Moreover, Catapang admitted being judged and hearing statements such as "Ay bobo 5 years na sa college”, "Wala ka pang napapatunayan”, "Masyadong ambisyosa” while busy trying to earn her degrees.

    Despite the challenges she had to face, Catapang believes God took her to such path.

    Wynona Pauline Catapang
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Wynona Pauline Catapang
    “Kahit sabi ng iba wala pa kong napapatunayan sa mundo, na ambisyosa ako, I believe this would have been my greatest achievement in life as of now- to receive 3 degrees at the age of 21,” Catapang wrote.

    As of this writing, Catapang’s post has amassed over 25,000 reactions and more than 28,000 shares on Facebook.

    Read her inspiring post below.

    -- Mini, The Summit Express

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