‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Review: Gal Gadot is the Hero we (and the DCEU) need

In the current Hollywood sphere, two things have taken over the movie making industry - superhero films and shared cinematic universes. It is no secret that the DC has tried to build their own empire since the release of 2013’s “Man of Steel,” but with highly divisive movies like “Batman v. Superman” and “Suicide Squad”, their shared cinematic universe has not had the luck to take off. However, with the roll out of Gal Gadot’s standalone “Wonder Woman” film, the future suddenly looks brighter for the DC Extended Universe.

‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Review
Gal Gadot as the titular character in Wonder Woman. Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

*Wonder Woman spoilers ahead, proceed with caution*

In the origins story movie, Diana’s sheltered life on the hidden island of Themyscira is suddenly disrupted when she saves Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine from drowning in the surrounding waters of the paradise island. After taking him in, the U.S. spy then informs the Amazonian warriors of the ongoing war prompting Diana to leave home in order to put a stop to the armed conflict believing that it is her sacred duty do so.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and Gadot as Wonder Woman
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and Gadot as Wonder Woman. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. 

Gadot first debuted her iteration of the Amazonian in “Dawn of Justice.” But with too little of a sample size, people could not fully gauge whether she is worthy of the coveted role or not. Given that she has only been in a handful of projects, people were quite unsure how she would fare in terms of the kind of acting chops and physicality that the role demands.

But what made her portrayal stand out is the fact that Gadot was a perfect mixture of charm and cool - exactly what Wonder Woman is in the pages of the comic books. She made the fighting sequence look effortless and her “fish out of the water” scenes endearing. And yet, even with the polarizing sides, she easily transitions from a naive, almost clueless person (in terms of the realities of war) to a capable, independent woman who can demolish a fleet of soldiers all by herself.

Director Patty Jenkins has also found the perfect Steve Trevor for Gadot’s Diana in Pine. The actor’s depiction of the character is by no means similar to what the character is in the comics - always in trouble, always needs saving. Instead, the movie decided to make him capable in his own way by being an elite intelligence officer for the U.S. Army Air Corps turned British Spy and at the very core, is a good man.

Gadot and Pine’s chemistry, needless to say, is off the charts. They compliment each other without competing for the spotlight. Pine was very effective that it almost feels like we were with him throughout the whole process of being in awe of Diana. He was both honorable and funny that it is not hard to believe that Wonder Woman would fall in love with him.


What is so great about “Wonder Woman” is it has a linear and simple story. It brings fans back to the olden days where films are made for the sole purpose of making one and not thinking about ways to tie it to other properties or plant plot seeds for a sequel.

Surely, there was a Bruce Wayne connection in the beginning and the end of the film. But once the flashback starts, audiences are plucked out from the current timeline and plugged into Themyscira where a young Diana lives. From there, the story treads an unattached setting from the rest of the DCEU commotion. No looming threat due to the mother box, no death of Superman to deal with and no Justice League to assemble. Just all Diana and her personal coming of age story.

Future in the DCEU

Wonder Woman is the course corrector that DCEU has long been waiting for. The shared universe has been waiting for a film that will catapult the franchise to new heights and unfortunately, their previous films weren't as impressive as "Wonder Woman.

With renewed vigor in the DCEU and a film that could be the benchmark for all the upcoming films in the pipeline for Warner Bros. and DC, fans can be more optimistic of what else will come from the shared cinematic universe and next big pitstop for them is the ensemble film “Justice League” that will reunite Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Affleck) and Wonder Woman, as well as properly introduce The Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

Justice League 2017
The Justice League - Ezra Miller as The Flash, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Jason Momoa as AquaMan/Warner Bros.
-- Ana, The Summit Express

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