Stolen iPhone reveals yaya’s alleged plan to kidnap young boy

    MANILA, Philippines - A mom of a young boy has warned parents to be extra careful in entrusting their children to other people after her traumatic experience with her son’s yaya.

    Stolen iPhone reveals yaya’s alleged plan to kidnap young boy
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Kathrina Reyes
    In her viral Facebook post, Kathrina C. Reyes detailed how a stolen iPhone revealed her yaya’s alleged plan to kidnap her son Bentley.

    According to Reyes, she left her son and his yaya at David’s Playhouse in Serin Ayala Mall in Tagaytay while she was getting her manicure-pedicure services. Apparently, while the two were left in the said facility, Reyes’ yaya allegedly took the opportunity to steal someone else’s iPhone 6.

    Reyes later learned about this after police officers arrived at home the next day. A woman identified as Maria Jeanes claimed that her stolen iPhone 6 was inside their home, which she tracked in the app FindMyiPhone. According to Jeanes, the iPhone was lost while she was at David’s Play House.

    After hearing Jeanes’ story, Reyes then asked her yaya if she found an iPhone at the said facility. The yaya then insisted that she did find an iPhone but refused to return it out of fear. However, her story didn’t sit well with them as Jeanes tried to contact her several times and even offered P20,000 as reward for returning the iPhone.

    Moreover, while Reyes and her family were on their way home from Tagaytay, they noticed that their yaya’s phone was constantly vibrating. The yaya claimed that it was her child calling her.

    Much to Reyes’ surprise, the police said they discovered her yaya’s plans to kidnap Bentley through text messages in the said phone. The yaya apparently gave a description of Bentley to her accomplice and instructed him or her to meet them at the park. Prior to their trip to Tagaytay, Reyes’ yaya asked for permission to bring Bentley to the park.

    “Mahirap magtiwala sa panahon ngayon.. wala ka talaga plano isoli yung iphone nya, kinalikot mo magdamag at buti na lang talaga kinuha mo yan dahil nailigtas pa ang baby bentley ko. Gusto ko mag thank you Maria Jeanes dahil hinanap mo talaga yong phone mo at dahil sayo naiwasan na yong mas malalang pwedeng mangyari. Thank you ulit,” Reyes wrote.

    -- Mini, The Summit Express
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