LOOK: This entrepreneur taught networker a hard lesson about “power move”

    Have you ever been invited to meeting by a multilevel network marketing (MLM) networker? If your answer is yes, there’s a big probability that you’ve seen the recruiter do some “power move.”

    This entrepreneur taught networker a hard lesson about “power move”
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Xian Gaza
    So what exactly is this so-called power move?

    The term “power move” has been coined by netizens to describe acts of bragging done by a networker in order to entice potential downlines to join the networking program. This often includes showing off things such as expensive smartphones and gadgets, cars, and even houses they were able to purchase through money earned from MLM.

    When entrepreneur Xian S. Gaza experienced this “power move” from a networker allegedly under AIM Global, he did something to counter such move.

    In a viral post on Facebook, Xian recounted his encounter with said networker during a coffee meeting at SM Aura. Since he was always in a low profile mode, he showed up in the meeting wearing a white t-shirt, shorts and slippers.

    All of a sudden, the networker did the power move showing off all his gadgets.

    “Suddenly he made a "Power Move" by bringing out his iPhone 7+, Samsung S7, iPad Mini and his car key then placed it over the table with no use at all, "Pumower" lang talaga si koya besh. Triggered si acqkow so I "Power Back" by doing this haha,” Xian wrote.

    Irritated by what the networker did, Xian did his so-called “power back” and laid out his Louis Vuitton bag and accessories on the table. What he did probably made the networker uneasy and ashamed prompting the latter to hide his smartphones and car key before making his presentation.

    “Meeting lang kung meeting besh, walang poweran. Don't me,” Xian said.

    Based on his Facebook profile, Xian is the president and CEO of Guanxiqian Group, a business company based in Hong Kong.

    Check out his full post below.

     entrepreneur taught networker a hard lesson about “power move”

    -- Mini, The Summit Express
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