New KFC viral ad finally reveals the first Pinoy Colonel

MANILA, Philippines - After a one time auditioning process, KFC has finally found its first Pinoy Colonel in actor Ronaldo Valdez.

New KFC viral ad finally reveals the first Pinoy Colonel

It can be remembered that last week, a viral ad for the famous fast food line went rounds online to the delight of netizens. In the video is a snippet of three auditioning tapes for what was supposed to be the role of the Pinoy iteration of Colonel Sanders whose face is on the forefront of the company’s merchandise material. Three veteran Filipino actors tried for the role including Valdez, Leo Martinez, and Pen Medina. While everyone turned on their respective charm to win the coveted gig, in the end, it ultimately landed on Valdez’s lap.

The announcement of the winner came via a video posted on the company’s Facebook page Monday, Philippine time. In the clip, a staged event reminiscent of a President’s oath taking presented Valdez in all his Colonel head to two white tuxedo ensemble solemnly swearing to uphold his new responsibilities.

“I, the Colonel do solemnly swear to fulfill my duties to the best of my ability. I promise to uphold the fresh, hand-breaded quality in each piece of KFC original recipe chicken. Because in KFC, all parts are created equal. I promise to protect the 11 secret herbs and spices that make my fried chicken unique in all the land. I pledge to push the boundaries of fried chicken innovation and lead the for this nation of fried chicken lovers,” the actor whose film and television career spans five decades said.

In a hilarious added bit, instead of using the Bible for the oath-taking, a bucket of KFC chicken was in its place. And by the end, he addresses the large crowd, by saying: “So help me, gravy!”

In retrospect, out of the three hopefuls, it was Valdez who had the most uncanny similarity with the original Colonel Sanders in terms of physical appearance which is why it was not much of a surprise when he got the job. Then again, the whole process for the audition and the reveal was a fresh take on marketing campaigns which other companies could heed upon.

Watch the viral video:

-- Ana, The Summit Express

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