8 Tips on Dealing with Your Slow Internet Connection

The state of connectivity in the country has rapidly improved over the years, as has the price point for faster internet. Still, there are times when the slow internet becomes the bane of productivity, or just when you’re digging into a new series on Netflix. If you’re looking for ways to deal with the slow internet, here are eight of them.

8 Tips on Dealing with Your Slow Internet Connection

1. Check your plan speeds

If your internet is terribly slow, this might be the very first thing you should check. Most internet service providers may have a maximum cap to their speeds in the fine print, so your subscribed speed of 16 Mbps may top out at 13 or 10 Mbps.

Rarely will you achieve the max speed available on your connection, so you may need to adjust your expectations a little – not that 13 Mbps is anything to scoff at. You’ll also want to check if your plan has a data cap. If you’ve reached it, odds are your connectivity will be slowed until your plan refreshes. You may also want to make sure that you’ve paid it off in full.

2. Change providers

It may also be the perfect time to finally change or get an upgrade to your connection if you've been suffering from a slow connection for the longest time. In this case, it’ll be great to know that you actually have options.

If you’re looking for a new connection, compare internet service providers and the packages they offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the available speeds and packages that are currently out on the market.

3. Check your hardware

Modem resets are par for the course when you’ve got slow connections. Sometimes it helps, other times, it does not. When it doesn’t, a quick diagnostic of your hardware might help. Is the problem only on one device in the house? Did your service provider provide you an old modem?

Check your system’s settings. If your modem is old, then you need to shop for a replacement. Either way, a quick hardware troubleshoot should be able to narrow down the cause of the issue.

4. Wi-Fi signals

Ensure that these waves are evenly distributed throughout your area. It’s important to remember that metal will cause these signals to break down. Obstacles will also prevent the optimum wavelength from reaching your area, so make sure that your modem is placed in an unobstructed area.

Finally, you’ll want to place the modem high enough that the wifi signal radiates around the area, it helps to point your router’s antennae (if it has any) in the general direction of where you need a better signal.

If you’re having a hard time with modifying your signal at home, here are 10 ways to help you.

5. Turn off bandwidth-hogging apps

This might be a little harder to do, especially if you happen to be updating apps or playing video games online. But one thing that will kill your bandwidth faster than a blackout is if you’ve got apps that take up a lot of your connectivity.

Ads also factor into why your regular browsing isn’t working out properly. The larger ads will eat up your bandwidth, so consider installing ad blockers in your browser to stop the more obnoxious ones in their tracks.

6. Call your service provider

Everyone tries this at least once, and usually when they’re at wits end to get back to their regularly scheduled binge-watching. It’s best to check with your internet service provider for an update as to whether there’s an issue with the service in your area.

Usually, they’ll let you know whether there is an issue and how long before service is restored. If you’re lucky, the interruption is momentary and you should be back to your show within the day.

7. Focus your attention

If you’re on a slow connection, it’ll be ideal to prioritize tasks to get the most bandwidth-demanding ones out of the way. Put the bandwidth-light tasks at the front of the line, because that lets you take advantage of any connection speed, while putting the more demanding ones on the backburner until you can get a better connection.

8. Be productive

When you’ve got limited time and connectivity, you’re less likely to “reward” yourself with a quick peek at social media. You may actually get more work done when your internet connection is slow. After all, you know first-hand that the “quick peek” can easily turn into an hour of photos, likes, and chatting to friends (who’re likely dealing with work the same way you are.)

The faster you finish your tasks, the better you’ll feel about indulging in a Facebook binge.

Final thoughts

There are moments when the lack of internet feels like you’ve been disconnected from the outside world. Sometimes, disconnecting is good. It’s not so good when you’ve got a 5pm deadline and your internet decides to give out at 2pm.

It’s a cruel joke on your productivity, one that can easily be remedied if you’ve got these tips at your back and call to resolve the slow internet connection.

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