LOOK: Dramatic transformation of a Filipina girl into a stunning lady goes viral

    MANILA, Philippines - Netizens are abuzz over the dramatic physical transformation of Aleksis Corbi, an ordinary-looking girl who metamorphosed into a stunning lady after she hit puberty.

    Corbi, who recently became a social media sensation, has gained popularity after sharing her before-and-after puberty photos on Facebook. The post has caught the interest of netizens and has amassed over 52,000 shares and more than 47,000 reactions.

    Aleksis Corbi transformation viral photo
    PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Aleksis Corbi
    Her first few photos taken when she was about 7 years old show a typical morena Pinay. As you go through Corbi’s childhood to adolescence photos, you’ll notice that the young caterpillar has slowly transformed into a beautiful butterfly as her features become more distinct. Her complexion also remarkably changed from morena to fair.

    Aside from Corbi’s stunning physical transformation, her fashion style also evolved as she becomes a young adult.

    The last few photos show a more confident, beautiful, and sexier Corbi.

    Several netizens were equally surprised and inspired by Corbi’s awesome transformation. Many felt that there is still hope for them after seeing Corbi’s viral photos.

    A netizen wrote in the comments section: “Sa mga caterpillar diyan, may pagasa pa talaga kayo maging butterfly.”

    A stage in a boy’s and girl’s life when one becomes sexually mature and capable of reproduction, puberty usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 14 for girls and between 12 and 16 for boys. When girls hit puberty, they go through a lot of physical and emotional changes that can be very confusing, strange and scary for them.

    Like Corbi, many experience dramatic transformation such as suddenly becoming tall, experiencing extreme weight loss and features becoming more defined after hitting puberty. In fact, many people including famous celebrities look entirely different before going through puberty.

    Check out Corbi’s dramatic transformation.

    --Mini, The Summit Express

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