WATCH: This parody travel video perfectly sums up the struggle of wanna-be vacationers

MANILA, Philippines - With summer officially hitting the shores of the Philippines, almost everyone is busy planning itineraries for their respective trips with friends and families. Whether it is within or outside the country, people are looking forward to get away even just for a few days to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

parody travel video perfectly sums up the struggle of wanna-be vacationers
Screengrab from Jay Oesja Facebook video.
Unfortunately, with vacations come the fees and not everyone has the means to afford even those so-called budget trips; not to mention the lack of time to actually go on leave with work. Given this, one Facebook user utilized his humor and instead made fun of the struggle of those who actually want to go on a vacation but just simply can’t.

A netizen named Jay Oesja shot up to fame when his parody travel video suddenly racked up views and chuckles among the online Filipino community. To the tune of Imagine Dragons’ “On Top of the World,” the less than a minute and a half clip posted on his official Facebook account shows him doing basic shots done by vacationers, especially millennials. The catch, however, is that he was only really going around his humble household. From his bedroom to the bathroom and even as far as going out in the compound where he lives and hiking up stationary motorbike, Oesja did all this with an enthusiastic smile just as he would if he was actually out of town.

The hilarious video has made multiple rounds online cracking up netizens, especially those who could relate to the struggle of wanting to go on a vacation but is stuck at home whether it is because of financial reasons or scheduling conflicts. Oesja uploaded the viral clip over the weekend and since then has garnered almost 1 million views and 33,000 likes. It has also been shared over 10,000 times and spawned endless conversation among viewers in the comment section of the post.

Watch the video:

--Ana Dumaraog, The Summit Express

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