Amputee walks 2 kilometers; carries, sells heavy farm products to provide for his family

Having two legs will literally take you places. Not only does it allow you to reach destinations, it also lets you accomplish a lot of things on your own.

But what if you lose one of your legs? How will you stand up and continue walking? Will you still have the strength to stand on your own?

Every day, the amputee walks 2 kilometres from the mountain to get farm products which he would sell to earn money.

Amputee walks 2 kilometers Southern Leyte
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Lodalina Tomon
A one legged man has recently caught the attention of netizens after photos and videos showing him carrying heavy farm products from the mountain surfaced on social media.

Allan Aguilar, a one-legged man living in Barangay Mabicay, Sogod in Southern Leyte, earned praises from netizens after his photos were shared on Facebook by a certain Lodalina Tomon. According to Tomon, Aguilar manages to earn a living to provide for his family, despite his difficult condition.

Every day, the amputee walks 2 kilometres from the mountain to get farm products which he would sell to earn money. In fact, Aguilar can carry as much as 50kg of bananas that he would peddle to a nearby town.

Aguilar, who has been residing in Leyte for 10 years, was actually born and raised in Mindanao. Even at a very young age, Aguilar has been exposed to poverty and was forced to stop schooling to help his father earn money. They would get raw materials in the mountain which they would use to build furniture. However, Aguilar met an accident during one of his trips to the mountain, leaving his right leg amputated.

Because Aguilar wasn’t in good terms with his in-laws, one of his aunts decided to bring him to Mindanao in order for him to start over again. His transfer to Mindanao has taught him to do hard work for him to be able to stand on his own feet.

Tomon is hoping that Aguilar’s story would inspire netizens to work hard and enlighten others to share their blessings to people with disabilities.

“Sa mga kababayan natin na nakakaangat sa buhay sana tulungan po siya at sa goberno natin tulungan siya na makapagtrabaho .At sana magsilbi siyang inspirasyon sa lahat na kahit may kapansanan nagsusumikap kumita ng pera na marangal,” Tomon wrote in her post.

Read his full story below.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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