PSA report reveals 8 million Filipinos are overworked

“Too much work will kill you.”

This was the statement of Senator Grace Poe after learning from a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) report that about 8.105 million Filipinos were overworked in 2015.

The PSA report on Decent Work in the Philippines showed that an increase of 41.2% or 2.363 million of overworked Pinoys in primary jobs from 5.742 million in 1995 was observed two decades later.

PSA report reveals 8 million Filipinos are overworked
Based on the report, most overworked employees came from the services sector, representing 80%. More than half of overworked employees were found to be wage earners and salaried employees.

PSA noted that having more than the usual hours of work may impede with the balance between work and personal life. It can also increase injury hazard risks, may be a sign of an inadequate pay or reduce productivity of workers. It may also pose a threat to workers’ physical and mental capacity to work.

Following the release of the report, Poe filed Senate Resolution No. 316 which calls for an investigation of the dramatic increase in the number of overworked Filipinos in the last two decades.

In a statement said on Friday, March 10, Poe said: “Several studies have shown that excessive work hours could trigger serious health problems and even cause death. Chronic overworking, as various research suggest, can lead to threatening levels of stress.”

The lady senator also proposed an overhaul of labor laws, a comprehensive review of company policies which require employees to work for very long hours as well as the passage of legislative measures to ensure that “just and humane work conditions” are guaranteed.

Poe emphasized that it is important to value work-life balance as workers’ lives don’t revolve solely on their jobs.

“Bagama’t kailangang kumita, walang lugar ang pang-aabuso sa kanilang karapatan. Sa ganitong paraan, mas mapagtutuunan nila ng pansin ang kanilang sarili, kalusugan at pamilya,” Poe added.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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