WATCH: Nokia 3310 comes back to life

Nearly 17 years after it was first introduced, Nokia 3310 is making a nostalgic comeback this time running Nokia’s Series 30+ software with a 2.4-inch QCGA display, a microSD slot and a 2-megapixel camera.

Once dubbed as Nokia’s virtually indestructible handset, the revamped version of the iconic phone is a little thinner, smaller and lighter all around compared to the original variant. It will also be available in glossy yellow and red colors as well as matte grey and dark blue colors. A modern Snake game is also included in the handset which will be sold under license by the Finnish start-up HMD global.

Nokia 3310 comes back to life
PHOTO CREDIT: The Express Tribune

HMD president Florian Seiche said: “This is what consumers have been asking us for, and so we decided that we’d just do it and have some fun with it. That’s the unique opportunity we have here at HMD with the Nokia brand.”

HMD claims that the new 3310 will be as durable as the original phone with a standby time of 31 days, alongside a talk time of 22 hours.

However, since the new 3310 is categorized as a “feature phone”, it will only provide limited internet facilities relying on 2.5G connectivity. The phone has a web browsing feature that will utilize Opera Mini but will showcase a much smaller range of apps compared to the iOS and Android.

The relaunching of Nokia’s phone brand was made ahead of Mobile World Congress tech show in Barcelona. It will be priced at $51.75 or about P2,600.

 Nokia 3310 comes back to life
PHOTO CREDIT: Nokia website
Despite the prevalence of smartphones, about 1 million feature phones are being sold in the United Kingdom every year.

“There is a segment of the population that just wants a basic phone. From the stereotype of builder that just wants to call and text and if it gets broken it doesn’t matter, to the festival phone and the backup phone,” said CCS Insight’s Ben Wood.

Aside from 3310, HMD will also be unveiling three Android-based smartphone, the Nokia 6, 5 and 3 this year. The mid-tier devices promise to provide a bloat-free Pixel-like Android experience.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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