VIRAL: LET passer claims board exam is easy, bashes re-takers

MANILA, Philippines - A netizen’s post claiming that the Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET) is just a ‘piece of cake’ went viral.

LET passer claims test is easy, bashes re-takers

The conceited comment didn’t stop there but this netizen even called out that failing the exam more than 3 times is “not normal” and suggested examinees to just take another four-year course instead.

As the September 2016 LET (board exam) results were out, the country welcomes the new set of teachers ready to educate and mold the youth for the future.

But this alleged LET passer may not be fully molded to educate others after boldly stating to a Facebook group his sentiments on the exam.

On December 4, Carl E. Balita, known for pioneering an online university accepting reviewers on various licensure exam in the country, shared the debatable post in his Facebook page.

Carl Balita post LET basher

In the post, a screenshot is attached with an alleged LET Passer posting to a certain Facebook group, “Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET - PRC)” claiming the exam is easy, boasting his score of ‘83’ and wrote that he passed even though he’s not an education graduate.

“Hindi naman ako sobrang talino pero I found LET easy dahil hindi naman ako masyadong nagreview,” the LET passer said.

He then squabbled those who failed the exam: “Kasi sa opinion ko hindi na normal na bumagsak ng tatlong beses…”

He even reiterated his professor's advice that if the examinee failed the test for over 3 times, the re-taker should just head to another four year course.

“ ang sabi ng Prof ko nung kumuha ako ng unit kapag bumagsak daw ng 3 beses ay dapat magtake na ulit ng 4 years course.”

Balita’s post then sparked online conversations as it earned more that 3,100 likes and reactions and was shared by 989 times.

In the post, Balita fought the discouraging passer’s words, stating that the board exam is not the sole measure of being a teacher.

“I bet, he passed the LET but it does not necessarily make him a TEACHER. Those who failed are not necessarily POOR TEACHER. A 300-item test (450 if with majorship) is NOT A MEASURE of a person's worth - and not a sole measure of being a TEACHER. As a professional teacher, this guy should know better,” Balita wrote.

Unfortunately, the basher earned flak in Balita’s post.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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