WATCH: American kids’ hilarious reactions to Filipino cuisine

Most kids are known to be picky-eaters. Even if you serve them the most delicious dish you can think of, there’s a big possibility that they will reject it as they perceive taste differently than others do.

American kids’ hilarious reactions to Filipino cuisine
Screengrab from WatchCut Youtube video.
Having said that, kids can be the hardest subject when it comes to food tasting of international cuisine. But this didn’t stop WatchCut Video, a YouTube channel that produces viral videos, from getting the raw reactions of American kids after tasting Filipino cuisines like crispy pata, dilis, dinuguan,balut and taho for the first time.

To make things more interesting, they didn’t reveal where the food came from. While one kid suggested that the food were from Korea or India, a young girl had a pretty good idea where the dish originated.

After tasting dilis, the girl said: “It reminds me of something my mom usually likes.”

Apparently, her mom came from the Philippines so that pretty much explains why she recognized it. Not surprisingly, the girl liked almost all the delicacies served including dinuguan, balut and taho.

Of course, there were those who had negative yet equally hilarious reactions to our local dishes. When dinuguan, a black dish of pork and innards stewed in fresh blood of a pig, was served, many bailed out. One kid who managed to taste it wanted to vomit after learning that he ate pig’s blood.

Finally, many kids freaked out when balut, a developing duck embryo which is a common street food in the Philippines, was served.

"I know I was born in the Philippines, but I still ain't eating this,” one kid said.

Although there was a lot of food spitting involved, at least these adorable kids were brave enough to give the unfamiliar dishes a shot. Take a look at their hilarious reactions.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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