Box office update: MMFF 2016 officially announces Top 4 films

    MANILA, Philippines - The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016 executive committee on Monday night officially announced the list of first day topgrossers.

    DIE BEAUTIFUL is among the top grossing films at the 2016 MMFF.
    DIE BEAUTIFUL is among the top grossing films at the 2016 MMFF.
    In a Facebook post, the top 4 films on Christmas Day (in alphabetical order) were Eugene Domingo's "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2," Paolo Ballesteros' "Die Beautiful," Dominic Roque's "Seklusyon" and Julia Barretto's "Vince and Kath and James."

    UNOFFICIAL: MMFF 2016 Box Office Top grosser, Earnings and Ranking

    The MMFF Execom did not announce the order of the top entries on ticket sales to protect other films and to avoid setting a trend on what the viewers should watch on this year's festival.

    Meanwhile, the festival committee said that it reached their first day target ticket sales.

    "We have re-assessed and set a new benchmark for this festival, we nevertheless look at the financial sales for the 1st day as a real bonus as we have already achieved what we started out to in the first place which is the cultural advancement through our Filipino films," MMFF 2016 statement reads.

    "You cannot put a price at something which the future generations of Filipinos will find priceless and ageless," the statement added.

    Other entries to the 2016 MMFF are the drama film "Kabisera," political thriller "Oro," sci-fi film "Saving Sally," and documentary drama "Sunday Beauty Queen."

    "We shall continue promoting and supporting the 8 MMFF entries as they all deserve to be watched and patronized by the Filipino audiences."

    The 42nd edition of the annual MMFF will run until January 3, 2017 in major cinemas across Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

    The Gabi ng Parangal or MMFF 2016 awards night is set on December 29 in Kia Theatre. It will be shown via delayed basis on IBC-13.
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