September 2016 LET results out on November 28?

The 'big day' for future teachers has been set on the fourth week of November as the September 2016 LET result or teacher board exam full list of passers, topnotchers and performance of schools are expected to be released on the 28th, one day ahead of PRC target date.

September 2016 LET results out on November 28?

According to PRC Resolution No. 2015-948, the target release date of September 25, 2016 LET results is on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 or in 45 working days after the exam.

However, recent updates from a reliable source, Dr. Carl Balita of a known review center, hinted a countdown that apparently points to November 28.

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On November 18, Balita posted: "LET the countdown begin! It is in your hands, teachers! The DREAM and the DREAMER will be one soon..." Examinees guessed that LET results will be released within 10 days or the maximum value is November 28.

On November 19, he shared: "LET=LET•LET." The value of LET is equal to 3, so, 3 x 3 equals 9 or nine days before the release of results or on November 28.

Today, November 20, a clearer riddle was shared: "LET us all brace to infinity...God is good, great and almighty!" Infinity symbol is a match of number 8, a countdown of 8 days before the 'big day.'

November 27, 2016 Update: TOMORROW, tomorrow, you're only a day away! #LETResults

Takers, whether the results is on the 28th or 29th, one thing is sure --LET results are coming very soon.

Good luck to all future teachers!

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