Netizens praise Starbucks barista handling an irate customer well

MANILA, Philippines - A recent video of a customer ranting furiously in a local Starbucks branch has gone viral. For the video also showed how the barista answered and handled the situation gracefully which netizens have commended.

Netizens praise Starbucks barista handling an irate customer well

The viral video which contains two-part scene was posted online on Monday, November 14 by Facebook user “Rye Sy” whom initially wrote that the video is not taken by him.

Based on what Sy wrote in the video’s description, the customer went furious because a drink was almost spilled to him and a seat was also not given immediately. Which the barista took care of and personally walk up to the customer and apologize.

In the start of the video, the barista was audible enough to hear her saying “Okay Sir, I’m really sorry for what happened…” but was cut off by the customer. It can be seen that the man in the video was already causing scene as he raises his voice towards the barista.

The first part of the video ended with the irate customer audible asking the barista what if he’s a mystery shopper then asks another repeatedly, “What if I’m a mystery guest?” then adds “I’m just concerned for you people.”

In the second video, the barista can still be seen calmly talking to the customer. But he answered loudly “Don’t play words, don’t play games to me. I was not born yesterday.” The video also revealed the barista’s name “Apple” as the customer cuts her off urging her to leave.

Sy’s repost of the video gained more than 20,000 likes/reactions and was shared by over 26,00 times.

Meanwhile, some netizens revealed the Facebook profile of the irate customer pointing to his identity as “Louie Mel Darilag” which he just recently deactivated.

As of press time, involved parties hasn’t addressed the viral video.

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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