VIRAL: Compassionate man goes the extra mile to help beggar

Facebook user Ryan Madamba’s chance encounter with two men from different walks of life gave him a fresh perspective on helping the needy. In a viral Facebook post, Madamba recounted how a compassionate man went the extra mile to somehow ignite a change on the beggar’s and his life.

Compassionate man goes the extra mile to help beggar
Do you simply give alms to beggars? This man went out of his way to help the poor beggar. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Ryan Madamba
Madamba was in a 7/11 store in Ortigas when he overheard a middle-aged man and beggar talking. Apparently, the man was buying food for the beggar, something the latter has not experienced before. Aside from buying the beggar food to eat at that moment, the man also asked the former to choose food that he can eat for the next few days.

“Kuha ka na rin ng tinapay at iba pang pwede mong kainin sa susunod na araw. Yan oh, kuha ka tatlong instant noodles,” the man told the beggar.

Although the beggar initially refused the man’s offer, he eventually gave in after the latter insisted. Madamba also noticed that the man took time to have a conversation with the beggar.

According to Madamba, the man didn’t appear to have a lot as he heard him telling the beggar that he was not rich, he just received a commission on that day.

“Di ako mayaman pero may commission ako ngayon kaya wag ka na mahiya,” Madamba overheard the man telling the beggar.

Madamba’s brief brush with the two men changed his whole view about helping and caring for others. He is hoping that the beggar would eventually find a job and get to pay the good deed forward.

“I don't even do this. I usually just give food or totally ignore those who are begging but look like people who could work,” he wrote in his post.

With over 146,000 reactions and almost 30,000 shares on Facebook, the moving story about the one-of-a-kind act of kindness has certainly touched the hearts of netizens.

Compassionate man goes the extra mile to help beggar

--Mini, The Summit Express

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