Presidential sister reacts against Agot Isidro's ‘psychopath’ remark

MANILA, Philippines – A day after Agot Isidro’s ‘psychopath’ remark on Facebook went viral, the younger sister of President Rodrigo Duterte took to social media to express her reaction against the actress’ post.

Presidential sister reacts against Agot Isidro's ‘psychopath’ remark
Jocellyn Roa Duterte, a business woman and one of the President’s siblings took her sentiments to Facebook and reacted to Isidro’s critical post.
On her Facebook post, presidential sister Jocellyn Roa Duterte questioned Isidro’s “opinions regarding the president” and added if the latter is a lawyer or a political analyst to firm up claims.

She also emphasized Isidro’s short success as a singer and advised if she has the ambition to enter politics, she need to study first.

“Huwag kang padalos dalos kung magsalita, Presidente natin yun! Filipina ka, hindi ba? Pero mukha ka yatang dayuhan sa sarili mong bansa... True we are a third world country, so? So dapat luluhod tayo sa mga superpowers sa pakikialam nila sa ating bansa?...”

(Don’t be reckless on your words, that’s our President! You’re a Filipina, right? But you’re more likely a foreigner to your own country. True, we are a third world country, so? So we should bend knees to the superpowers interfering to our country?) Duterte wrote in the post.

The presidential sister added that the country has been in the American rule for over 50 years, more or less, Duterte added that if Isidro’s will is to be followed, the country will give alms.

“The last but not the least, ikaw ba may psychiatric evaluation na nagpapatunay na you are psychologically of sound mind? From the way you talk, obvious wala ka sa sarili!... And the worst part pagdating sa political issues, paninira lang ang so called "opinion mo", in short walang katuturan at iniinsulto mo ang sambayanang Filipino...”

(The last but not the least, do you have a psychiatric evaluation proving you are psychologically of sound mind? From the way you talk, you are obviously out of your mind! And the worst part regarding to political issues, your so called “opinion” are all scandals. In short, it’s all worthless, and you’re just insulting the Filipino nation…)

Duterte ended her post with a quote "Little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

presidential sister post against Agot Isidro

The presidential sister’s post went viral pouring encouragement from Duterte supporters.

The Malacanang Palace calmly responded to Isidro’s post. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that the actress is entitled to her own opinion, “we need to really hear what the President is calling Filipinos to do, which is be free from dependence on foreign aid, which is what the lady is fearful we will lose.”

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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