“Possessed” doll allegedly caused a series of unfortunate events to owner’s family

    Considered as one of the most popular toys in the world, dolls have long fascinated boys and girls around the world. Some even regard it as their confidant, best friend and even a sibling.

    possessed doll
    Can dolls take a life of their own?
    But can dolls take a life of their own? Many people have claimed that dolls can become possessed by departed souls and negative entities. As a matter of fact, demonic possession of dolls have become famous subjects in many horror films.

    Jenny dela Peña’s harrowing experience with an old doll is one possibly one proof that a doll isn’t always a child’s toy. Apparently, an old doll given to her by an aunt brought hair-raising episodes in her family’s house.

    Given in 1986, the inherited doll soon became Jenny’s favorite toy that she took anywhere she went. But when Jenny’s family decided to move to another house, she had no choice but to leave it behind as her mom told her so.

    Not long after, Jenny’s family moved back to their old house where the doll was left. From then on, the doll, seemingly cursed, started doing horrifying things in their house.

    Jay Zambrano, Jenny’s cousin who lived in the house, was a witness to the spine-tingling activities of the doll. He claimed to have heard peculiar walking and knocking sounds from upstairs, where the doll was left, even if no one was there. Jay also noticed that the doll would change positions on its own from time to time.

    Things started getting worse after the doll supposedly visited Jenny in her dreams.

    “Habang natutulog ako, napanaginipan ko yung manyika na sinasabi sakin na kapag pinamigay o itapon ko siya ay uubusin daw yung angkan namin. Isa-isa kaming papatayin,” Jenny recounted.

    True enough, a series of unfortunate things started happening following her bad dream. Her family members started getting sick, while her uncle suddenly died several months later.

    Afraid that something worse may happen, the family decided to take action and burned the doll. Surprisingly, the doll’s clothes burned but its body remained intact.

    With the help of a space clearing expert, Master Hanz Cua, the family learned that the doll was indeed possessed by a female energy that wants them out of the house.

    The family is hoping that the cursed doll would stop bothering them after Cua performed a cleansing ritual in their home.

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    --Mini, The Summit Express

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