Single? You can now rent a social media boyfriend who’ll make your friends die of envy

Let’s face it. You’ve been itching to change that social media relationship status for the longest time. The only problem is, you haven’t found the perfect guy for you.

You can now rent a social media boyfriend who’ll make your friends die of envy
Are you going to stay single forever?PHOTO CREDIT: Huffington Post
It doesn’t have to stay that way as you can now rent a temporary social media boyfriend on Fastwork, a freelance work website. You can now get rid of that “single” relationship status that has been bugging your Facebook page for the longest time.

So how exactly does this Facebook-official relationship works?

According to an article by Coconuts Bangkok, you can hire a “professional” to be your social media lover for a week. Responsibilities include changing his relationship status to convince your friends that yes, you’re taken, liking as well as leaving sweet comments on your posts.

Of course, you can request whatever it is you’ll want him to write and even put limits on the “likes” you want so that your lover wouldn’t end up looking like a stalker on social media.

A certain “professional” Peerwait wrote in his job description:

“You can hire me to be your boyfriend on Facebook for a week. During that time, we’ll change our relationship status to show each other, I will ‘like’ your posts and pictures and go around leaving sugar-coated comments that will leave your friends burning with jealousy. You can request what it is you want me to write, as well as limit how many ‘likes’ you want.”

In Thailand, you can avail of a one-week service for as low as THB250 or almost P350. You can even send a picture of yourself that he will photoshop to make it appear that you were in a date. Let’s just hope that his photoshop skills are good enough to convince your doubting friends.

But if you want to go beyond likes, tweets, and romantic stickers on social media, you have the option to meet your lover for THB2,500 or almost Php3,500 for a series of clean fun “magical” dates that will each last for 4 hours. During this time, you can take photos together and later post it on social media for everyone to drool on.

Keep in mind that there is no monkey business involved as your lover will only provide friendly companionship.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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