VIRAL: Netizen claims algae formed inside local chocolate drink

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen shared her friend’s experience after discovering a horrifying solid material inside a crowd favorite chocolate drink in the country.

Netizen claims algae formed inside local chocolate drink

Though posted months ago, the post of Facebook user “Betina Andrea D. Yder” re-surfaced online and now circulates on social media for the post’s shocking revelation.

Yder shared last July 27 her friend’s encounter to a chocolate drink, “Chuckie,” which is one of the most favorable drinks especially not just to children but to all ages as well.

She narrated that on the first period of their afternoon class, her friend named “Nikka” caught her attention, Yder narrated that Nikka feels like she is about to vomit.

According to their conversation, Nikka complained that the usual refreshing and sweet taste of Chuckie is but bitter taste. Yder tried to persuade that it must have been the effect of the toothpaste she used. She then remembered a similar experience about the chocolate drink that had gone viral.
When she teared the upper portion of the pack, Yder was left astounded and shocked to what she found:

“I shouted and I gathered my classmates and explained what is in the box. Cephassians (Yder’s class section) were so shocked and disappointed because most of us are consumer of chuckie chocolate drink. I told everything to my adviser,” Yder wrote in the post.

As seen in the photos, inside the 250ml Chuckie chocolate drink was a greenish substance. The most surprising part was the drink itself was semi-solid. Yder theorized that the material found was an algae.

Yder at the end of her post, voiced out her disappointment in encountering the said incident, coming to a conclusion that she will never drink Chuckie again. She expected that though some may not believe what she shared as she did before to another Chuckie incident, Yder admitted that she’s more than convinced now that she saw it firsthand.

This is maybe the second time that the Chuckie chocolate drink made viral on social media for the same reason—alleged spoiled and rancid product.

Jane’s post circulated and even reached Nestle Philippines, local manufacturer and distributer of the drink. Wherein they addressed the issue.;

Yder post went instantaneously viral with more than 30,000 shares which eventually reached Nestle Philippines, a month later a representative from the local manufacturer visited Yder’s school and give light to the viral issue;

--Mae Tuazon, The Summit Express

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