Good samaritans find baby dumped in garbage can in Valenzuela

MANILA, Philippines - Netizen Bam Siao Lim got the biggest surprise of her life after finding a newborn baby dumped in her garbage can in Jade Garden Townhomes, Marulas, Valenzuela on Thursday August 25.

Baby Jade survived after being dumped in garbage can
Baby Jade survived after being dumped in garbage can. Photo Credit: Bam Siao Lim

According to Lim’s Facebook post, her yaya was about to go to the market when she hurriedly returned home and told her that there was a baby inside their garbage can. Although reluctant and dubious, she followed her lead and eventually confirmed that there was really a newborn baby in their trash.

“I had goosebumps all over me. As i see a baby with umbilical cord, still attached, lying in the carton (with plastic, shampoo wrapper and a little dirt.),” Lim wrote in her post.

After picking up baby Jade and holding her in her arms, Lim sensed that the baby was cold and needed a blanket. Despite the fact that she was in a state of panic and that her car was coding, Lim rushed baby Jade to the hospital.

Fortunately, baby Jade made it to the emergency room, where doctors took charge. Police officers as well as staff from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) also came to the hospital to assist them.

Baby Jade is currently confined at Valenzuela General Hospital and is in need of a blood transfusion as of Friday morning, August 26.

Lim, who experienced five miscarriages, advised the mother of baby Jade not to throw away an “angel” if she happens to conceive again.

“To the mother of this baby.

It broke my heart to see your baby in such condition. We, ( bryan and i) as a couple had a hard time conceiving. I had 7 pregnancies. 5 of them i miscarry ( 1 twin ) only 2 make it to full term ( not really fullterm, 36w5d) bea and ben.
We invest/ exert/ spend a lot of time, money and tears just to have a baby.

And yours? You just threw away…

But I dont judge you. You have your own reasons for doing such. Just in case you conceive again, please dont throw an Angel.”

Lim also urged netizens to share her post so that it would reach Mayor Rex Gatchalian as they need assistance to cover for baby Jade’s hospital needs.

“The baby needs a lot of things. Like the machine to help her breath. The doctors told me, it's still my responsiblity kase im the one who brought her at the hospital. I left a yaya to watch over her through the night, as my baby boy is feverish since wednesday. I Had a hard time sleeping. Everytime i close my eyes, i see baby jade's face. Hoping she'll survive. Lets pray for her,” Lim added.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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