VIDEO: Off duty hero cop shots hired killer dead

MANILA, Philippines - A suspected gun for hire assassin who was about to do his dirty job for the second time in the same province was shot dead by an off duty police officer on Saturday, July 23, in Lian, Batangas.

Off duty hero cop shots hired killer dead video
Hitman didn't know that behind him was an armed police officer in plain civilian clothes.
In a CCTV footage provided by Lian municipal government, a possible member of a gun for hire group, identified by the PNP as Rodel Espinosa overtook PO2 Ian Prigo who was in civilian clothes and cruising the streets of the town. After getting ahead of the off duty policeman, the suspect positioned himself beside the white pick-up truck and pulled his handgun out. Espinosa had the perfect spot and open fired at the driver.

WATCH full video (Credit:News 5)

PO2 Prigo fortunately had his service firearm with him and quickly fired back at the suspect to prevent him from finishing off his target and escaping. At once, Espinosa fell off his motorcycle due to gunshots that he sustained.

The victim, Arnold Gonzales was critically wounded and was rushed to the nearby hospital for immediate medical attention. Luckily, Gonzales survived the assassination. If not for officer Prigo's help, Gonzales could've been shot to death.

The hired killer, like the victim, was also brought to the hospital but he was proclaimed dead on arrival as per Lian Police.

According to the investigating team from Lian Police department, the physical looks of Espinosa, matched the witnesses' description of the alleged jeepney killer in Nasugbu Batangas last July 3.

The police is linking Gonzales' foiled assassination to his job being a contractor.

As of publishing, both President Rody Duterte and PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa haven't given their reactions and possible commendations to Officer Ian Prigo for his heroic acts and valor.

Great job Officer Prigo. Mabuhay ka!

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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