No more presscon for President-elect Duterte?

MANILA, Philippines - Thousands of netizens whether pro or anti-Duterte have now been criticizing the president-elect for his sequential harsh and inappropriate comments live on national television. “Sa ngayon, wala na munang press briefings, para walang mali.” Said by Bong Go, Duterte’s longtime aide and presidential secretary on the incoming president’s behalf in the evening of Friday, June 3.

Bong Go, Duterte’s longtime aide
Duterte to use only PTV Channel 4 for upcoming press briefings, aide Bong Go says.
It has all started early this week during the presentation of his chosen Cabinet members at the Malacanang of the South in his turf, in Davao City. Duterte cited that corruption is the root cause of all journalists-killings in the country. With that statement, some media and press people reacted negatively and vowed to boycott Digong’s press conferences in the future.

The furious leader wasn’t worried on the threat at all. Instead, he cursed the journalists who are in favor of boycotting his interviews and public relation activities. He even dared them do such thing and consider everything their last meeting in Davao and everywhere during his 6-year term.

After this incident, Duterte was lambasted once again by the netizens and various women’s groups for “catcalling” Mariz Umali during a live press conference. The Mayor was caught on camera whistled while closely staring at the veteran GMA 7 reporter. For many, it’s a form of sexual harrasment and punishable by law in certain towns and cities in the Philippines. Umali’s husband and fellow reporter, Raffy Tima called out the incoming president and even posted on his Facebook that catcalling his wife is so wrong in many levels.

The news reached the president-elect, and, as expected, he defended himself and boldly stated that whistling is not a form of sexual harassment and no one can stop him from whistling.

Just an hour ago, his aide, Mr. Bong Go informed the reporters by a chance interview that the Mayor wishes not to do any more press briefings or interviews for now so that mistakes will be avoided.

Go even added: "Iko-course through niya through state-owned stations 'yung press releases, 'yung mga interviews," Pertaining to the government owned TV station PTV 4 and local TV networks which are based in Davao City and Mindanao region.

There are some rumors now saying that the president-elect is just trying to get even with the major stations due to irresponsible and biased media coverages towards him during the campaign period.

Tomorrow (June 4) will be the “One Love One Nation” thanksgiving concert and victory party dedicated to the incoming president at the Crocodile Farm in Davao City. No official announcements yet if the media will be barred from covering the said event.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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