Med student allegedly shot in the head in a case of mistaken identity

    MANILA, Philippines - An unidentified medical student is fighting for life after allegedly being shot in the head in a case of mistaken identity.

    Med student allegedly shot in the head in a case of mistaken identity

    A Facebook post by a certain Cesar Liporada on Tuesday, June 21, said he received a message from a colleague claiming that a medical student, who was on his way to buy pancit canton, got shot in the head after being mistaken as a drug addict. The medical student, whom Liporada described as “clean, geeky and dreamy,” was not supposed to be the target since his older brother is the one who is apparently the drug addict.

    It was reported said the older brother is currently recuperating in a rehabilitation center.

    “That bounty is making every trigger-happy bastard out there partying,” the post read.

    As of this writing, The Summit Express is awaiting updates about the story.

    In his bid to eradicate crime and corruption within 3 to 6 months, incoming President Rodrigo Duterte earlier said he is offering bounty for killing “small time” drug dealers, distributors and drug lords.

    According to the maverick politician, he is willing to pay P5 million bounty for killing of drug lords, P2 million for distributors and P50,000 for drug dealers.

    Duterte also emphasized that ordinary citizens could shoot drug traffickers if they resisted arrest and put other people’s lives in dangers. He even promised to give a medal to citizens who would do it.

    “In an arrest, you have to overcome the resistance of a criminal. And if he (the suspect) resists, you can kill him,” Duterte explained.

    “If lumaban at may baril, barilin mo; ( If he resists and has a gun, shoot him.) I will give you a medal. And if you do it every day, gawin kitang chief ng PC (Philippine Constabulary),” he added.

    --Mini, The Summit Express
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