VIDEO: Baron Geisler vs. Kiko Matos URCC Fight Night Coverage, Winner

    MANILA, Philippines - Celebrities Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos settled their rift on Saturday, June 25 at the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) first-ever Fight Night at the Valkyrie Superclub in Bonifacio Global, Taguig City.

    Baron vs. Kiko match ends with a unanimous draw
    Baron vs. Kiko match ends with a unanimous draw! Photo Credit: Instagram/Michael_olino
    Matos and Geisler squared off as exhibition match of Fil-Swiss fighter Chris Hofmann and Arvin “Asintado” Chan on their non-title catchweight bout.

    The most awaited fight ended in a unanimous draw. All 3 judges scored it 19-19.

    The first round was dominated by Matos while Geisler did a lot in the second round.

    WATCH: Here's the full fight video replay (courtesy of MMA Pilipinas on Facebook).

    On Friday, the tension on pre-fight weigh-in rose as Matos allegedly sprayed urine on Geisler. However, the head of the mixed martial promotion Alvin Aguilar clarified that it was beer, not urine.

    “After news broke out that Kiko sprayed Geisler with urine I knew it was a sick joke. I later confirmed that inside Kiko’s bottle was BEER!!!! It was made clear to all reporters present prior to the spraying, that inside the bottle was BEER NOT URINE. Kiko has explained that it was a st[u]nt he planned to get under Geisler’s skin,” said Aguilar in a statement posted at the official URCC-MMA website.

    The exhibition match was confirmed on May 31 after Geisler contacted URCC and said that he wants to settle their very controversial bar feud with Matos inside the cage. Matos informed URCC’s match maker Ronald Catunao that he has accepted the challenge.


    How to Watch Baron Geisler vs. Kiko Matos URCC Fight Night?

    According to Aguilar on URCC-MMA Facebook page, there will be no livestreaming of the Fight Night.

    "Guys we really appreciate all the support but there will be NO LIVE STREAMING. Those are all fake so DO NOT PURCHASE!!! If we catch them trying that during the fights they will be the ones in the cage in lieu of Baron and Kiko."

    The last minute selling of tickets is on. "You can still BUY TICKETS online and at Valkyrie," the announcement said.

    The URCC Fight Night will be aired on ABS-CBN's Sports and Action. However, Geisler vs. Matos fight will not be included on the broadcast of the event.

    Baron Geisler vs. Kiko Matos URCC Fight Night Updates, Winner

    Are you on Team Baron or Team Kiko?

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