VIDEO: 'TESDAMan' Joel Villanueva plays terrific basketball

MANILA, Philippines – Former Senators and PBA Legends Robert “Sonny” Jaworski and Freddie Webb are arguably one of the first professional athletes turned-politicians in our country. After them and few years ago, there came the Filipino pride and incoming Senator Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao who brought the country into the lime light by demolishing boxing greats inside the boxing ring.

"TESDAMan" Joel Villanueva plays terrific basketball
Photo Credit: Facebook/Joel Villanueva

Manny Pacquiao obviously cemented his name in the international sporting scene. He is the only athlete in the world who excelled in two sports professionally and then got into politics. Couple of years ago, Pacquaio was picked by the newest team in the league, the Kia Sorentos as their first-round choice and at the same time, their head coach. He was even dubbed as the most talented sportsperson in the globe.

But hold on your seats, here comes a new sporty-politician! Meet Joel “Tesdaman” Villanueva, one of the country’s newest senators.

Villanueva, son of religious leader and Pastor, Eddie Villanueva is only known for being so compassionate in giving jobs to the less-fortunate Filipinos. As to date, he has given works to millions of people.

Most of us here only know Sec. Joel as the head of TESDA. But little do we know, incoming senator Villanueva can also ball. Yes, ball as in basketball. The innocent-office-boy-looking soon-to-be government leader is good at playing hoops. He literally got hoops.

Joel Villanueva sporty incoming senator in traditional polo barong
Looks can really deceive. The sporty incoming senator in traditional polo barong. Photo Credit: Facebook/Joel Villanueva

Sec. Joel has been playing in semi-pro league UNTV Cup where different government divisions and agencies gather and play mixed with ex-PBA and collegiate ballers. The five-foot-something guard has a well-rounded game and can shoot anywhere on the court. The former UST Growling Tiger and former teammate of Ginebra star Bal David led Team Malacanang Patriots in various titles at the said tournament. Both Villanueva and David helped their Alma Mater in winning the UAAP Men’s Basketball Championship in ’94 – ’95 season.

Truly, to see is to believe. To prove us that the 40-year-old incoming senator still has a game, here’s his basketball highlights:

Honestly speaking, the guy could’ve made it to the pro-league if he pursued his basketball career. Villanueva has an all-around game, he can shoot jumpers and slash inside. He’s a legit shooter I must say. If If I were to choose between him and Manny Pacquaio who has a career-high of 2 points… It will be Joel Villanueve all day, no doubt about it. No offense meant Sen. Pacquiao.

“Jordanesque” Manny Pacquiao jumpshot.
The infamous “Jordanesque” Manny Pacquiao jumpshot. Playing Coach Pacquiao makes his career-high of 2 points in Chris Tiu’s face. Photo Credit:

It’s so timing that both him and Pacquiao made it to the senate, maybe it’s time for them to give more importance to Philippine sports and Pinoy athletes. With proper budget allocation and government support, we can easily produce next Manny Pacquiao, Efren “Bata” Reyes, Kobe Paras and Bobby Ray Parks.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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