Girl captures “high” party-goers on video at 'Closeup Forever Summer'

MANILA, Philippines – Forty eight hours after the 2016 'Closeup Forever Summer' tragedy, where five youngsters died due to illegal drugs overdose, testimonies from other witnesses and video footages are now emerging online.

Girl captures “high” party-goers on video at 'Closeup Forever Summer'

The Pasay Police continued to do the investigation with regards to the drug usage and possibly trading during the said event. The NBI operatives have also intervene in order to expedite everything.

It was previously reported that the authorities were clueless whether the victims were brought to hospitals for immediate medical attention. But early morning of Monday, May 23, the police and the NBI have found out that the victims were rushed to the hospitals after collapsing at the event. Unfortunately, they were all pronounced dead, several minutes after they had arrived at different hospitals.

Massive heart attack is the cause of their demise according to NBI Medico Legal Dr. Wilfredo Tierra which supported the claims of the witnesses that the victims’ blood pressure went sky rocket high.

One actual video footage, taken by one lady concert-goer is now being considered as an evidence by the authorities. In the thirty-seconder video, the owner was capturing some group of youngsters who were allegedly high on drugs. The girl was cussing and shouting “Duterte” or in a close interpretation, calling the attention of the incoming president who is known for his anti-drugs campaigns.

Here’s the video clip (courtesy of Mocha Uson Blog Facebook page)

Some witnesses said that the event security and bouncers were fully aware of the situation. They all knew that there were group of young people who were on drugs. But nobody from the organizers tried to neither apprehend nor kick them out of the venue. In short, everybody knew about the party drugs and the persons involved and yet no one dared to stop them to prevent the fatality.

Meanwhile, the presumptive president Rody Duterte already released statement on Closeup Forever Summer rave party.

"I am sad that it had to end that way. I can just suggest that the police, NBI, and the PDEA work together (to solve the incident)," Duterte said.

For some, this might be an isolated case. But the reality is: It’s a national concern. Drug syndicates are now targeting even the well-known events and venue and they continuously victimizing the youth.

--Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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