LOOK: Crane collapses from a construction site in Makati

MANILA, Philippines - At least two individuals were hurt after a crane from a construction site collapsed along H.V. Dela Costa street in Makati on Thursday, May 26 at around 7:50 a.m.

 Crane collapses from a construction site in Makati
Photo Credit: CNN Philippines
According to the management of the construction site owned by A.M. Oreta Construction Company, a taxi driver and a cyclist were injured in the incident. Cyclist Romeo Lopez, 40, sustained abrasions on the knees and elbows and experienced pain on his left shoulder. Meanwhile, the 47-year-old taxi driver identified as Ramon Romirosa displayed signs of spinal injury.

The construction company will shoulder the medical expenses of the two who were brought to the Makati Medical Center.

"We are currently conducting our own investigation on the cause of the collapse. We are cooperating with authorities....A.M Oreta would like to apologize to those affected by this accident,” the construction company said in a statement.

Apparently, the crane cut through power cables knocking down two telecommunication posts and 5 electric poles, one of which collapsed on a passing taxi. A car parked was also damaged during the incident.

Outgoing Makati Mayor Kid Peña has called for a comprehensive investigation of the incident and instructed to halt the operations on the Salcedo Skysuites, a project of the Megaworld, while the investigation is ongoing.

Peña said: “We are determined to establish what exactly went wrong and who should be liable for the unfortunate incident. Although nobody died, still there were people injured. Public safety is the foremost concern of the city government, and we will not tolerate negligence and non-compliance with our construction laws and standards.”

The crane accident also caused power interruption in the area which will be restored within 5 to 8 hours, according to Meralco spokesperson Joe Zaldarriaga.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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