WATCH: Courageous Caitie’s farewell video touches the hearts of netizens

MANILA, Philippines- A tearjerking farewell video for Caitlin Soleil Lucas, more popularly known to netizens as “Courageous Caitie, has been shared by Nice Print Photography just days after Filipinos bid their final goodbye to the little warrior.

Jayjay and Feliz Lucas hands over their daughter to Jesus in “marriage.”
Jayjay and Feliz Lucas hands over their daughter to Jesus in “marriage.”
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Courageous Caitie
On Sunday, April 3, a one-of-a-kind memorial service dubbed as the “wedding of the year” was held for the courageous little trooper who battled juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JML). Caitie’s wedding-inspired service complete with stormtroopers, confetti, pink balloons and colorful decorations was her parents Jayjay and Feliz’s way of turning over their daughter to Jesus in marriage.

The memorial service led by Christ’s Commission Fellowship Pastor Roy Felipe started at 3pm, while the cremation process happened at 4:00pm at the Arlington Memorial Hall in Quezon City. The “wedding reception” was held at 7:30 pm.

In one of the posts in the Facebook page Courageous Caitie, it was written:

“We didn’t wait till she was a teenager for our mom and daughter or father and daughter dates. Didn’t wait till she was old enough to attend dance classes etc. We didn’t wait for a wedding to have her ‘dirty dancing’ lift (in a) father-daughter dance. We didn’t wait when she was old enough to travel the world. Thank you Lord for the grace that in 3 years we lived what was like 30 years. Her body was 3 but her soul lived like it was 30 years old in experience, in wisdom and beauty. I love you my daughter… Today we celebrate as we turn you over in marriage.”

The little warrior’s ordeal with the rare form of leukemia started after her parents noticed rashes which turned into bruises in December last year. Initially, Caitie was misdiagnosed with tuberculosis last January and underwent a series of medication for it. Unfortunately, her conditioned only worsened.

On February, her family brought her to a reputable hospital in Singapore where she was diagnosed with JML. After a three-month battle, Courageous Caitie succumbed to her disease on Thursday, March 31.

Her happy disposition and unbelievable display of courage despite her difficult and painful situation has attracted thousands of followers and donors on her Facebook page. With over 300,000 likes as of this writing, Caitie’s short but well-lived life has truly inspired thousands of netizens.

Watch the equally heartwarming and heartwrenching farewell video of Courageous Caitie.

-Mini, The Summit Express


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