Toddler decapitated in front of her mother in Taiwan street

A four-year-old girl was beheaded in front of her mother during a random knife attack in Taiwan on Monday, March 28.

toddler beheaded in Taiwan
A toddler died on the spot after an attacker beheaded her in front of her mother in Taiwan.
According to Taiwan local media, the young girl was cycling her pedal-less training bike outside an underground rail station in Taipei when the attack carried out by a 33-year-old mentally unstable man occurred.

The child was apparently cycling about a meter away from her mother when her bicycle became stuck. The mother saw the man approaching her daughter and initially thought that he was going to help her.

To her horror, the man suddenly drew his knife and decapitated the young girl in front of her. She attempted to fight the attacker but he was too strong. Sadly, the child died on the spot.

"I saw the suspect slashing my daughter with a cleaver. I immediately grabbed him but I could not pull him away,” the mother told CNN News.

“I never thought that society could be so unsafe,” she added.

The attacker surnamed Wang is now under the custody of the police. News outlets claimed that the man had a history of drug-related crimes and had received treatment at a psychiatric hospital in 2014.

Based on police investigation, Wang waited near the rail station after reportedly buying a knife at a supermarket earlier that day. Meanwhile, the mother and the daughter were on their way to meet the girl’s grandfather, sister, and brother.

A large angry mob gathered in front of the police station where Wang is detained. Although officers tried to escort Wang, who still had blood splashed across his face, the suspect was forced back into the building by the angry crowd. -Mini, The Summit Express

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