LOOK: Inday Sara challenges Cynthia Patag into a debate

MANILA, Philippines- After posting her anti-Duterte sentiments on social media, former actress Cynthia Patag was challenged by former Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte into a debate through an Instagram post.

 Inday Sara challenges Cynthia Patag into a debate

Duterte made the strong statement after Patag, a known supporter of Presidential candidate Mar Roxas, shared a photo of the Duterte siblings with the caption “First Children” along with a Rappler article that depicts Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte as an abusive husband and father.

In her Instagram account, Inday Sara tagged Patag as the “First Sycophant” and wrote: “Cynthia Patag. Ayaw lagi panghilabot ug tao nga wa nanghilabot nimo. Debate ta girl? Nahan ka? Basin makalibang ka ug durian nimala ka. #badvibes si #cynthiapatag #advice to a #sycophant -- don't ever draw first blood. When and where? yes!#prayforcynthiapatag (Cynthia Patag, don’t touch those who are not doing anything to you. You want a debate? You just might defecate Durian, you animal. #badvibes #cynthiapatag #advice a #sycophant – don’t ever draw first blood. When and where? yes! #prayforcynthiapatag).”

The post has earned more than 1,500 likes as of this writing.

In the article shared by the former “Palibhasa Lalake” actress, author Rakma-Balao claimed that Duterte, a presidential aspirant, emotionally abused his ex- wife Elizabeth A. Zimmerman and three children, which became the cause of their annulment.

The author also lambasted Duterte’s character and questioned his capability as a future leader of the country.

“Are you willing to entrust your own family to a man like Duterte? Who consider sex as a biology. A leader who can't resist a beautiful women around him? You will be giving him the power or full authority to our country. How sure are we that they will not be like they used to be?” the article read.

In a separate Instagram post, Inday Sara also defended her brothers Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo and Baste.

“My brothers are my rocks. Anyone who wants to trash talk them goes through me first,” Sara wrote in her post.

-Mini/The Summit Express

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