Hardworking boy selling coin banks earns praises from netizens

A 16-year-old boy from Cebu has become an inspiration for many netizens after his touching story circulated on Facebook.

Netizen Rayamel Racoma shared his fateful encounter with the young coin bank vendor
Netizen Rayamel Racoma shared his fateful encounter with the young coin bank vendor. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Rayamel Racoma
One of his customers, Rayamel Racoma, decided to share his fateful encounter with the hardworking boy through a lengthy post on Facebook.

The young working student earns around P5 to P10 for each coin bank that he resells for P60 each. Despite the meagre income he gets from reselling, Escunde is grateful for the opportunity as he gets a kilogram of rice every time he purchases several pieces of coin banks to resell. At a young age, Escunde is able to support his family in his own little way.

From their conversation, Racoma also learned that the young vendor spends the night in the city particularly on Fridays and Saturdays to spare himself from cycling all the way back to his home.

When Racoma learned that the young vendor hasn’t taken his dinner yet, he offered to buy him a hotdog sandwich meal from a nearby convenience store. To Racoma’s surprise, Escunde only ate the hotdog. When asked why he didn’t consume the rest of the meal, Escunde revealed that he was saving it for breakfast the following day.

In his post, Racuma said he intends to fill the coin bank he bought from Escunde with donations from netizens and later give it to him for his needs. He also encouraged other netizens to help the boy by buying coin banks from him.

In his post he wrote: “Please help me change his LIFE by buying his COINBANK or in any kind of HELP that can put SMILE in his FACE.I would like to have the COINBANK i bought from him to FILL it 10 peso coin and all of the PROCEEDS will be personally handed to him in a kind of buying things that he needs. e.g clothes, school supplies and groceries for his family.”

Here’s the full story.

PLEASE READ UNTIL THE END... The guy in the picture is Tonyo Escunde, a 16 years old. A grade 4 pupil of Dakit...
Posted by Rayamel Racoma on Friday, March 18, 2016

- Mini, The Summit Express

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