Passenger takes “best selfie ever” with EgyptAir hijacker

Unlike the terrified passengers of the hijacked EgyptAir, a 26-year-old British man had the guts to take a selfie with the plane’s hijacker.

This man had the guts to ask for a selfie with a hijacker.
This man had the guts to ask for a selfie with a hijacker.
Ben Innes, a health and safety officer, was among the passengers of EgyptAir flight MS181. The flight bound for Cairo carrying 62 passengers was hijacked by Egyptian national Mustafa on Tuesday, March 29. Mustafa, who was wearing a suicide belt which turned out to be fake, forced the plane to reroute to Cyprus.

Instead of panicking during the hostage crisis, Innes courageously approached Mustafa and asked him for a selfie. Surprisingly, Mustafa “shrugged ok” after the cabin crew translated Innes’ request.

Innes then sent “the best selfie ever” to a couple of his friends saying: “You know your boy doesn't f*** about. Turn on the news lad!!!”

“best selfie ever” with EgyptAir hijacker

According to news reports, Mustafa hijacked the plane shortly after if left Alexandria early in the morning. Aside from asking the plane to re-route to Cairo, he also demanded to see his Cypriot ex-wife. Mustafa also made a series of bizarre requests including demanding to meet with the European Union representatives.

Majority of the hostages except for the crew and four foreign passengers including Innes were released following negotiations with the hijacker. Six hours later, the crew and the rest of the passengers were released. Mustafa turned himself in just moments later.

Based on the investigation, the hijacker appeared to be mentally unstable. Although his motives remain unclear, authorities believe that the incident was not related to terrorism. Moreover, Cypriot authorities were able to verify that Mustafa’s suicide belt resembling a bomb was fake.

In a statement, EgyptAir said: “According to security sources received from Cyprus Authorities at Larnaca International Airport, which stated that the explosive belt that the hijacker allegedly said that he was wearing, is fake.” -Mini, The Summit Express

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