IN PHOTOS: “Carrot man” from Mt. Province captivates netizens

MANILA, Philippines- Photos of a good-looking farmer from Mt. Province is making rounds in social media these days.

 “Carrot man” from Mt. Province captivates netizens

Dubbed as the overly photogenic “carrot man”, Jeyrick Sigmaton has caught the fancy of netizens after several photos of him were posted on Facebook by a certain Edwina T. Bandong. Apparently, Bandong and her companions were on their way to Sagada when they saw Sigmaton carrying carrots. Smitten by the young farmer’s darn good looks, Bandong decided to share his photos on social media for everyone to adore.

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The photos were also shared the Facebook page of Positive Outlook Plus where it amassed 2,000 shares as of press time. Netizens can’t help but express their admiration for the young man who is reportedly a member of the Igorot tribe from Kadaclan, Mt Province in the highlands of Cordillera. Some even pointed out the striking similarities of Sigmaton with Korean singer Cho Min-ho, Korean actor Jang Geun Suk as well as former Filipino actor Hero Angeles.

Sigmaton look-a-like of Korean actor Jang Geun Suk?
Sigmaton look-alike of Korean actor Jang Geun Suk?

 “Carrot man” from Mt. Province 1

Cho Min-ho, Jeyrick Sigmaton and Hero Angeles
From L-R: Cho Min-ho, Jeyrick Sigmaton and Hero Angeles
Facebook user N. Martinez commented: “Cordillerans are really good-looking, not just in Sagada, but even to some parts of the region.”

Jeyrick Sigmaton
Grabbed photo from Jeyrick Sigmaton Facebook account.
“Madaming ganyan na taga Cordillera... Guapo talga ang mga igorots at magaganda pa... Go carrot man,” Facebook user A. Delos Reyes wrote.

“Those are the physical features which are so common in our igorot land...more igorots to be discovered!” D. R. B. Come added.

Overly photogenic "Carrot Man" is breaking the social media viral scene. Edwina T. Bandong shared these photos on her...
Posted by Positive Outlook Plus on Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Igorots or Cordillerans refer to the Austronesian ethnic groups in the country inhabiting the mountains of Luzon. Known as highlands people, they live in the six provinces of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) including Mountain Province, Kalinga, Abra, Ifugao, Apayao, Benguet as well as the city of Baguio.

Marky Cielo, the first known Igorot in Philippine showbusiness, became a household name after winning the Starstruck competition in 2006. In December 7, 2008, the budding star was found dead inside his room in Antipolo City. His cause of death remains a mystery but persistent reports claim that he died of suicide.

--Mini, The Summit Express

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