LOOK: “Chopsuey men” sweep social media by storm

MANILA, Philippines- If you think you’ve had enough of Jeyrick Sigmaton, more popularly known as “carrot man, you’ve got other “fruits and vegetables” to choose from.

Meet the “Chopsuey Men”: Carrot Man, Cabbage Man and Strawberry Man
Meet the “Chopsuey Men”: Carrot Man, Cabbage Man and Strawberry Man
Early this week, Sigmaton, a 21-year-old charming farmer from Mountain Province, gained online fame after his photos captured by bakeshop owner Edwina Bandong went viral on Facebook. Filipino netizens can’t help but go crazy over the “ridiculously photogenic” carrot man whom they compared to Korean actor Jang Geun Suk and former Pinoy celebrity Hero Angeles. Because of his unexpected popularity, Sigmaton has been featured in several local TV news and and even on international websites.

carrot man !!!!! 118 shares na
Posted by Edwina T. Bandong on Thursday, February 18, 2016

IN PHOTOS: “Carrot man” from Mt. Province captivates netizens

Carrot man’s ruggedly handsome looks has actually inspired several netizens to share photos of other good-looking farmers from several parts of the Philippines.

Neil Galuten Matchok a.k.a. “Cabbage Man” has become the latest social media cutie after his sister Amy Galuten Matchok-Pandoyos posted photos of him harvesting cabbage in Mountain Province. Cabbage man’s puppy dog eyes seemed to have captured the interest of the online world. In fact, he has already been featured in several websites.

mEET THE 'cABbage man ' KANU Abe he he..#icada balili mankayan benguet+ Guinaang Bontoc Mt.province#proudifarmer# my...
Posted by Amy Galuten Matchok-Pandoyos on Monday, February 22, 2016

A handsome Igorot farmer is currently getting quite an attention on social media for an obvious reason: his irresistible body. Although he has not been identified, netizens have dubbed him as the “strawberry man” after seeing a photo of him plowing a strawberry field at La Trinidad Benguet.

Newest internet sensation 'Strawberry Man.'
Newest internet sensation 'Strawberry Man.' PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Salve Mordeno
With several vegetables and fruit farmers gaining online attention these days, netizens have created a group name for them: “chopsuey men”.

On Thursday, February 25, a post by the Facebook page Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) revealed that they were able to get an exclusive interview with Sigmaton after a day of searching. Apparently, Sigmaton was surprised to learn about his unexpected online popularity since they didn’t have signal at their area. Carrot man will be featured at the said show on Sunday, February 28. -Mini/The Summit Express

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