This 21-year-old mom is the writer behind the viral “Kath and Vince” love story

MANILA, Philippines - The captivating love story of “Kath and Vince,” which has taken the social media by storm for the past weeks, was written by Jenny Ruth Almocera, a 21-year-old stay-at-home mother.

Kath and Vince writer
A 21-year-old mother became a social media sensation after publishing the story of Kath and Vince.
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Joed Alan Hortilano
A full-time mom and devoted wife to her 36-year husband, Almocera, also known as Queen Elly on Facebook, spends most of her time caring for her kids. Occasionally writing short stories, Almocera says she simply based the story of Kath and Vince on personal experiences as well as her friend’s stories to pull off “kilig lines”.

The text message that started it all on Kath and Vince
The text message that started it all. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Vince & Kath Official
One morning, Almocera was scanning dozens of unread messages in her inbox when the inspiration for the story that instantly won the hearts of netizens kicked in. This made her remember the sweet messages she received from her several suitors when she was in college. Suddenly, Almocera found herself simulating a conversation through Yassy, a mobile app. It took her about an hour to finish the story.

"Usually, gumagawa talaga ako ng mga short stories. Kaso iyong mga stories na 'yon may ending na agad," Almocera said.

(I usually create short stories. But I usually end my short stories right away.)

"This time, pero gusto ko 'yong hindi pa certain ang ending. 'Yong makaka-relate ang lahat, 'yong ibabalik mo ang kilig,” she added.

(This time, I want to have an uncertain ending. One that all people could relate with and bring back the romantic excitement.)
The much-awaited moment on Kath and Vince’s story. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Vince & Kath Official

The story first published on the Facebook page Life and Social Media quickly spread like wildfire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A Facebook page called Vince &Kath Official has been set-up for fans. As of press time, the fan page has amassed over 100,000 likes.

Vince: A character inspired by her husband

According to Almocera, Vince’s character, who was described as a typical campus heartthrob, was inspired by her husband.

Kath and Vince have to overcome a heartwrenching dilemma.
Like any typical love story, Kath and Vince have to overcome a heartwrenching dilemma. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Vince & Kath Official

"Sa totoo lang, 'yong asawa ko siya 'yong Vince. Siya ang pinaghuhugutan ko kung gaano ka-sweet si Vince. Sobrang sweet niya talaga. Lahat ng ginawa ni Vince, ginawa niya 'yon lahat,” Almocera told ABS-CBN News.

( In reality, my husband actually inspired Vince’s character. I based the sweetness of Vince on him. He did everything that Vince had done in the story.)

Through Kath and Vince’s story, Almocera hopes to inspire more men to be like the character of Vince.

"Hindi mo kailangan maging perfect or maging mayaman parang si Vince. Kailangan lang mag-effort ka,” Almocera said.

(You don’t need to be perfect or be rich to be like Vince. You just need to exert effort.)

Fans of Kath and Vince are anticipating Almocera’s ending to the sensational love story.

Follow their love story by visiting this Facebook page.

- Mini, The Summit Express

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