Mar Roxas recognized by Wharton as a graduate in a 2012 tweet

MANILA, Philippines- The never-ending debate whether presidential aspirant Manuel Roxas II is a graduate of \ Wharton School has finally come to an end as the prestigious school confirmed Roxas as their graduate in a tweet made in 2012.

The tweet by Wharton Magazine on September 1, 2012 says:” Congratulations to Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas, W’70, now appointed secretary of the interior and local government for the Philippines.”

Earlier, fellow presidential candidate and friend-turned-political enemy Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte accused Roxas of lying about his Wharton degree. Following Roxas' accusation that the peace and order in Davao City is a myth, Duterte asserted that Roxas’s claim that he graduated from the Wharton School of Economics is a myth.

Because of the issue, the two got embroiled in an ugly word war, challenging to slap each other as well as engage in a fist fight and a gun duel.

"Mar graduated at the University of Pennsylvania – that's correct – but he is never a graduate of Wharton as what he claims to be. A Wharton graduate is a person who finishes his masters degree at Wharton, meaning you are a graduate of MBA at Wharton. In your case, Mar, you are not, so don't claim to be a man you cannot be...because you are not. UPenn graduate ka and not Wharton!” Duterte said.

mar roxas wharton
Mar Roxas’ Wharton graduation photo. PHOTO CREDIT:

Wharton School Media Relations Director Peter Winicov also confirmed that Roxas is a graduate of Wharton since the school offers both graduate and undergraduate courses. According to Winicov, the words “graduate” and “alumnus” are the same making it apt to call Roxas, who earned an undergraduate degree, a Wharton graduate.

On Wednesday, December 16, Roxas decided to end the verbal brawl with his 2016 rival to focus on more important issues. - Mini/TheSummitExpress

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