BREAKING NEWS: 'Yolanda-level' Hurricane Patricia lashes Mexico

MANILA, Philippines - An extremely dangerous Hurricane Patricia, with intensity comparable to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) lashed Mexico's Pacific coast Friday evening (local time).

Hurricane Patricia
INFRARED IMAGE OF PATRICIA. Strongest hurricane in history, with colder temperatures closer to the storm's eye.  Photo: NASA
The monster storm Hurricane Patricia bring catastrophic damage after its landfall at 6:15 p.m. CDT near Cuixmala in Jalisco state. The maximum sustained winds at landfall were estimated at 165 mph.

The U.S National Weather Service says it has central pressure of 880 millibars (25.99 inches of mercury) and maximum sustained winds that peaked at 200mph (325 kph) on Friday. Patricia broke the record of 882 millibars set by Wilma almost exactly 10 years ago.

Strongest Hurricane in history
Photo Credit: CNN

Typhoon Yolanda which hit Eastern Visayas in 2013 had 195 mph sustained winds when it made landfall. An estimate of 6,000 people died due to strong winds and storm surges.

Here's an animation of satellite images from October 20 to 23 which shows the formation of hurricane Patricia (credit: NASA):

A hurricane is a tropical cyclone, occurring in the North Atlantic Ocean or the Northeast/North-Central Pacific Ocean, east of the International Dateline.

Learn more about Hurricane - how it is being formed:

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