PROFILE: Meet 'PBB 737' Regular Housemates

MANILA, Philippines - The next set of housemates on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) 737 edition was announced starting August 3 to 7, 2015. After the teen's tenure inside the yellow house, the regular housemates will enter on Saturday, August 8.


On Monday, August 3, two of the regular housemates were named on ABS-CBN programs It's Showtime, TV Patrol and Aquino and Abunda Tonight.

The length of their stay in the House is yet to be announced.

PROFILES: Meet the Official Regular Housemates of PBB 737 (September 12: Updated List)

1. Mikee Trixia Agustin - "Bungisngis Bebot ng Bulacan" - EVICTED

Mikee Trixia Agustin

Mikee, 26, from Bulacan is second to the youngest among eight siblings. She had her first heartbreak at a young age – when their father left their family for another woman. After Mikee’s father left, her older siblings had to make sacrifices just to be able to finish school and be able to help their mother with their daily expenses.

Mikee Trixia Agustin PBB 737

She is a certified Internet star with short films reaching 6 million total views. You may have seen her in some of Jamich’s videos because her boyfriend, Yexel, is Jam’s brother! Mikee currently earns a living through her online business and modeling.

2. Richard Juan - "Charming Chinito ng Parañaque"

Richard Juan PBB 737

Richard, 22 is a Hongkong-Chinese model raised in Hongkong, but has been living in the Philippines for four years now. Richard is the eldest among three kids, who traded his comfortable life in Hongkong to discover himself in a foreign country.

Richard Juan PBB 737

After high school, Richard moved to the Philippines to study at his father’s alma mater, UP Diliman, where Richard graduated cum laude with a degree in Broadcast Communications. Here in the Philippines, Richard has learned how to ride the MRT going to school and to earn extra money through modelling gigs.

3. Roger Lutero -  "Tour Guide Tatay ng Bacolod"

Roger Lutero

If you have visited The Ruins in Bacolod before, you might have already met the witty and hardworking tour guide, Roger. Lacking a degree in college, Roger could only get work as a house helper until his humor led him to guiding tourists around the “Taj Mahal” of Bacolod. Besides being the funny tour guide of The Ruins, Roger is also a responsible family man who dreams of being able to provide a more comfortable life for his wife and 3-year old son.

4. Jessica Marasigan - "California Dreamgirl ng USA" - VOLUNTARY EXIT

Jessica Marasigan PBB 737

Jessica, 21 is the second and only girl among three siblings. Even though Jessica and her brothers were born and raised in America, they grew up being taught Filipino and Catholic Values - from going to church every Sunday "Pagma-mano" and being exposed to Filipino Food.

Jessica said she joined PBB 737 because she feels that despite her exposure to Filipino values, she still has a lot to learn about being Filipino. She hopes to learn more about her Filipino heritage inside Kuya's House and in the process, be able to find and develop herself as an individual.

5. Jyo Yokohama - "Mr. Kulit ng Japan" - VOLUNTARY EXIT

Jyo Yokohama - "Mr. Kulit ng Japan"

Jyo was born in Tokyo, Japan but was raised in Pampanga. Together with his half-brother and half-sister, Jyo went back to Japan when he was in high school to live with their mom who works as a factory worker. He was estranged from his father for 13 years until they were recently reunited. Jyo was not able to go to college and is currently working as a wrecker in a construction company.

6. James Linao - "Worldwide Worker ng Surigao" - EVICTED

James Linao - "Worldwide Worker ng Surigao"

James Linao, 30 from Surigao is a proud Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). He is not only living his dream, but, is also able to provide a decent life for his family as the breadwinner. His late father was a mediaman and a politician who was shot dead in 2009. Still, his family is seeking for justice and hopes that his stint in PBB will open the development of his father's case.

7. Miho Nishida - "Sexy Mommy ng Japan"

 Miho Nishida - "Sexy Mommy ng Japan"

Miho,22 was born in Angono, Rizal, but was raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her mom, who was an entertainer brought 2-year old Miho to Japan and singlehandedly raised her there. Having been exposed to Nihonggo for most of her life, Miho only understands and speaks a little Tagalog and still finds it hard to communicate in her mother’s native tongue.

8. Dawn Chang - "Bombshell Baker ng Parañaque"

Dawn Chang PBB 737 housemate

Dawn, 26, from Parañaque City grew up in a modern family, where she has two mothers – one is her biological mother who is a lesbian and the other is her foster mother who happens to be her biological mom’s ex-girlfriend. Queer as it may sound but dawn is so proud of having the two ladies by her side in everything that she does. As for her biological dad, he met him through social media and developed a good relationship with him and his family.

Right now, dawn is a part-time dancer and a full time baker who is busy with her small cakes & cupcake business, “dc delights”.

9. Philip Lampart - "Determined Dad ng Australia" - EVICTED

Philip Lampart PBB 737 housemate

Born in Caticlan, Aklan, Philip and his family transferred to Australia, together with his mom and 3 brothers, to find a better life. At the age of 21, Philip is already a father of a 1-year old baby boy.  Philip strives as a laborer at a construction company to provide for his son.

10. Margo Katherine Midwinter - "Independent Sweetheart ng Manila"

Margo Katherine Midwinter

Margo, 23 left her Filipina mother, British father, younger brother and her entire life in United Kingdom to try her luck as a model in the Philippines.

11. Krizia Lusuegro - "Madiskarteng Inday ng Iloilo” - EVICTED

Krizia Lusuegro PBB 737

Krizia, 24 is the second among three children. Her father is a retired Philippine Army who is now they Barangay Chairman, while her mother is a housewife. Krizia started school at the early age of 2 and has since then been very active in extra-curicular activities – she was an athlete, a star scout, a cheer dancer, and was also involved in theater.

12. Charlhone Petro - "Ang Soldiers' Boy ng Pampanga" - EVICTED

Charlhone Petro PBB 737 regular housemate

Charlhone,22 comes from a family of military men. Growing up in a military family instilled manners and discipline in him, he had to abide with certain rules, and act firm and strong just like the rest of his family members. Despite being surrounded by military men, Charlhone decided to pursue a different career in the field of computer technology.

13. Tommy Esguerra - ‘Pretty Boy ng Las Pinas’

Noticeable for his long hair, sports-minded Tommy grew up in the United States but moved to the Philippines to prove to his family that he can stand up for himself and pursue his dreams.

Tommy Esguerra - ‘Pretty Boy ng Las Pinas’ PBB 737

14. Zeus Collins - "Hataw King ng Rizal"

PBB Zeus Collins - "Hataw King ng Rizal"

Zeus, 21, is currently a hiphop dancer and ramp/commercial model. He joined Pinoy Big Brother in the hopes of becoming the next Big Winner and be able to give his family a better life.

15. Jameson Blake - "Responsible Son ng Pampanga"

PBB Jameson Blake - "Responsible Son ng Pampanga"

Jameson, 18, is an achiever in school – excelling both in academics and sports like basketball. Jameson’s stepdad doesn’t work anymore due to illness and to help with his family’s finances, Jameson does commercial modeling. He also used to sell his stepdad’s ube halaya to his classmates to earn extra cash for his allowance when he was younger.

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