'Pabebe Girls' reveal story behind viral video on GGV interview

    MANILA, Philippines - Internet sensations Janet Ricabo, 12, and Michelle Alfonso, 11, better known as the "Pabebe Girls" appeared in an episode of ABS-CBN's comedy variety show and talk show Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV) on Sunday, July 19. The video of their guest appearance is now available here.
    'Pabebe Girls' guest on GGV, July 19, 2015
    'Pabebe Girls' guest on GGV, July 19, 2015
    The 'Pabebe Girls' revealed that the video was made just because of boredom. They planned it but no script was followed. Another girl (Vhelpoe Garves, 22) known as 'babaeng multo' who says 'Tama na yan. Tigilan 'nyo na yan' in the video also revealed he's a transgender.

    "Kasi po yung gabi na yun eh wala po kami magawa kaya po naisip po ni ate Vhel na gumawa po kami ng video," Michelle said.

    When Vice Ganda asked Vhelpoe if he is gay, the older 'Pabebe' said: "Yes. I'm proud gay and transgender."

    Here's the full video of the July 19, 2015 GGV episode (courtesy of ABS-CBN):

    They also gave words of wisdom about friendship saying "Sa pagkakaibigan naman po, walang pinipiling edad."

    'Pabebe Girl' Janet Ricabo "Babaeng Walang Kilay"
    'Pabebe Girl' Michelle Alfonso "Babaeng Walang Kilay" in viral video
    'Pabebe Girl' Michelle Alfonso "Babaeng Utal"
    'Pabebe Girl' Janet Ricabo  "Babaeng Utal" in viral video
    'Pabebe Girl' Vhelpoe Garves "Ang Babaeng Multo"
    'Pabebe Girl' Vhelpoe Garves "Ang Babaeng Multo" in viral video
    Contrary to the fearless attitude they have shown on the viral video, the girls are timid during their interview with Vice Ganda.

    The guesting of the young lasses on GGV earned mixed reactions from netizens on Sunday night.

    The 'Pabebe Girls' from Bulacan became the hot topic on social networking sites as Facebook user Senyora Santiba├▒ez inially spread their video. The girl with no eyebrows "babaeng walang kilay" and another girl "babaeng utal" have shown off their fierce persona as a response to the earlier viral video made by a girl dubbed as the "Mamon Girl," who poked fun at how cute Filipino women supposedly behave.

    PABEBE GIRLS: Summa cum bebe.Babaeng utal at ang babaeng multo.
    Posted by Senyora Santiba├▒ez on Friday, June 12, 2015

    In the viral video, they told people to leave them alone for being "pabebe," emphasizing "walang makakapigil sa amin." (No one can stop us).

    The video which nearly hit 2 million views as of press time has influenced and attract attention of local celebrities including Kim Chiu, Alex Gonzaga, Vice Ganda, Lovi Poe and Alessandra de Rossi.

    Vice Ganda even used it as inspiration for his newest single titled "Huwag Kang Pabebe."

    In an interview recently with ABS-CBN News, Janet and Michelle were also asked to address the criticisms they have received from online users and classmates.

    Despite the online bashing their videos earned them, they thanked netizens for the attention and the parodies they made.

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