VIDEO: Former child actor Jiro Manio now homeless, found wandering at NAIA

    MANILA, Philippines - Former child actor and multi-awarded star Jiro Manio is now homeless and found wandering at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), reports said.

     Former child actor Jiro Manio now homeless, found wandering at NAIA
    JIRO MANIO found wandering at NAIA | Photo Credit: Inquirer.net
    The 23-year old actor Manio or Jiro Katakura in real life, was discovered “living” at the NAIA Terminal 3 by a security guard for four days already and has managed to survive through the kindness of strangers and employees.

    In an interview of Manila Bulletin, Jiro said that he had taken refuge in Terminal 3 after a group of unidentified men ganged up on him outside the airport.

    “We feel sorry for his situation. We hope that someone could help him,” JoJeth Villanueva, NAIA 3 building attendant, said.

    “He looked as if he hasn’t had a decent meal and his clothes were dirty,” NAIA terminal 3 security guard Frank Sorca told reporters. He added that he gave food and clothes to the former child star.

    Jiro was spotted wearing a stripped t-shirt, board shorts with a towel hang on his left shoulder. Reports said that his fingernails were already long and dirty.

    People at the NAIA observed that Jiro has no idea why people were being kind to him. When asked if he is an actor, Jiro said he wasn't and asked for evidence that he was.

    Jiro last appeared on ABS-CBN show “I Dare You” where he accepted a mixed martial arts challenge to win scholarships for his kids.

    In 2011, he admitted that he used drugs and eventually entered rehabilitation center.

    Jiro has graduated high school in Rizal Experimental Station and Pilot School of Cottage Industries in 2012.

    He is four times Best Child Actor awardee, 3 of which are from his multi-awarded film “Magnifico.

    As the story broke on Tuesday, some netizens show sympathy for his current condition.

    WATCH: Former child actor Jiro Manio found wandering at NAIA Terminal 3 (video courtesy of GMA News)

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