PNP confirms victims of Ergo Cha Milk Tea Positive for Oxalic Acid

MANILA, Philippines - It's not the cyanide nor the milk tea basic ingredients that killed 2 in Sampaloc, Manila but the oxalic acid in the Ergo Cha Milk Tea.

Ergo Cha Milk Tea Positive for Oxalic Acid
ErgoCha Milk Tea | Photo: Screengrab from Youtube

After one month since the controversial case of milk tea food poisoning started, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has confirmed today, May 11 the true cause of death and said that the victims were found to be positive for Oxalic Acid.

According to PNP Crime Laboratory (PNPCL) Director, Chief Superintendent Theresa Ann Cid, Ms. Suzaine Dagohoy’s cadaver was tested positive for Oxalic Acid based on the findings of forensics from the PNP Crime Laboratory in Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Based on medical records of the victims as reported by the Manila Police District Crime Laboratory Office (MPDCLO), Ms. Dagohoy from her Post Mortem Examination could have died due to “shock probably secondary to ingestion of toxic substance”.

MPD Director Chief Superintendent Rolando Z Nana stated that the blood and stomach contents of Mr. William Abrigo, owner of Egro Cha Milk Tea House, are positive to the test for Oxalic Acid per MPDCLO Chemistry Report, which was confirmed by the findings of the PNPCL.

Moreover, Mr. Arnold Aydalla’s Medical Certificate as issued by the Philippine General Hospital stated that he was diagnosed for “Toxic Ingestion of Unknown Substance.”

PCSupt Nana said that the milk tea, powder (Hokkaido), and syrup, which were recovered by MPD from the crime scene, were found to be positive for Oxalic Acid per examination conducted by the CHEMPRO Analytical Services Laboratories, Inc., a private laboratory analyzing various types of samples, through the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

According to PCSupt Cid, Oxalic Acid is a poisonous, colorless substance and will not be easily determined when dissolved in water or beverages.

“About 10 µg/mL (micrograms per milliliter) of oxalic acid is considered dangerous amount. The average human body contains approximately four (4) liters of blood, therefore, it will only take about 40mg of oxalic acid to poison a human body which can potentially lead to a person’s death.” PCSupt Cid added.

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