'The Voice of the Philippines' Live Shows Performances videos now available

Remaining artists on each team sing for their dreams to try to get the votes of the viewers and their coaches in the Live Shows of the Twitter-trending 'The Voice of the Philippines'.

'The Voice of the Philippines' Live Shows Performances

The first Live Shows of the competition happened on January 24 with 4 artists eliminated in the competition during the results night on the following day. The artists who bid goodbye last week include Poppert Bernadas (Team Sarah), Ferns Tosco (Team Apl), Karlo Mojica (Team Bamboo) and Abbey Pineda (Team Lea).

Full results of 'The Voice Philippines' Week 1 Live Shows:

Team Sarah:
Poppert Bernadas: ELIMINATED
Monique Lualhati: PUBLIC'S CHOICE
Jason Fernandez: SARAH'S CHOICE

Team Apl:
Suy Galvez: APL'S CHOICE

Team Bamboo:
Rita Martinez: BAMBOO'S CHOICE
Karlo Mojica: ELIMINATED

Team Lea:
Nino Alejandro: LEA'S CHOICE
Leah Patricio: PUBLIC'S CHOICE
Abbey Pineda: ELIMINATED

In the second Live Shows on Saturday, January 31, four artists will get the boot and will be announced tonight, February 1.

Fighting it out in the Live Shows were Alisah Bonaobra, Bradley Holmes, and Mackie Cao of Team Apl; Jason Dy, Kokoi Baldo, and Douglas Dagal of Team Sarah; Arnee Hidalgo, Rence Rapanot, and Tanya Diaz of Team Bamboo; and Casper Blancaflor, Miro Valera, and Timmy Pavino of Team Lea.

Complete set of videos of the performances for Team Sarah, Team Bamboo, Team Apl and Team Lea are now available here courtesy of ABS-CBN on Youtube.

WATCH: Team APL - Live Show Performances

WATCH: Team Lea - Live Show Performances

WATCH: Team Sarah - Live Show Performances

WATCH: Team Bamboo - Live Show Performances

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