Team Lea 'The Voice PH' Knockout Rounds results, videos

MANILA, Philippines - "The Voice of the Philippines" continues its crucial knockout rounds on Sunday, January 11, 2015 with Team Lea artists showcased their voice to earn slot to the Live Shows.

Team Lea 'The Voice PH' Knockout Rounds Results

In the knockout round which kicked off on Saturday, each artist were tasked to perform a song of their choice in an attempt to convince their respective coaches that they deserve to move on to the next round.

'The Voice PH' Team Apl Knockout Round Results (January 10, 2015)

Three artists were pitted against one another. From each trio, assigned coach is set to eliminate an artist and pick two that will stay.

On Sunday, Charlie Catbagan, Mic Llave and Jem Cubil get booted out of the competition.

Meanwhile, Coach Lea picked Timmy Pavino, Leah Patricio, Nino Alejandro, Casper Blancaflor, Miro Valera and Abbey Pineda to complete her team's Top 6 and will move on to the Live Shows.

GROUP 1: Timmy Pavino vs Leah Patricio vs Charlie Catbagan

Advanced #1: Timmy Pavino ("Narito")
Advanced #2: Leah Patricio("Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin")
Eliminated: Charlie Catbagan ("Kahit Isang Saglit")

GROUP 2: Nino Alejandro vs Casper Blancaflor vs Mic Llave

Advanced #1: Nino Alejandro ("Love Hurts")
Advanced #2: Casper Blancaflor ("Bring Me To Life")
Eliminated: Mic Llave ("Anak")

GROUP 3: Jem Cubil vs Abbey Pineda vs Miro Valera

Advanced #1:  Miro Valera ("Wannabe")
Advanced #2: Abbey Pineda ("'Di na Natuto")
Eliminated: Jem Cubil ("Drive")

PLAYLIST: Team Lea Knockout Rounds (videos courtesy of ABS-CBN/ The Voice PH)

Don’t miss the continuation of knockout rounds in “The Voice of the Philippines” Season 2 every Saturday at 8:45PM and Sunday at 8:30 PM on ABS-CBN.

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